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Aliases Moolie
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Dabbid is a member of Bridge Four.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dabbid is a wiry,[1] youthful-looking man,[2] younger than Kaladin.[3] His features are Alethi, but his skin is on the paler side.[1]

He feigned being a mute to avoid Bridge Four recognizing his mental deficiency. He is nevertheless, still traumatized by the events of the bridge runs.[3][4]


Rescued by Kaladin[edit]

During Kaladin’s first run as bridgeleader, he found Dabbid curled up with his arm twisted at an awkward angle. Kaladin charged to reach him, but Dabbid didn’t even notice him when Kaladin arrived. Dabbid was in shock, his eyes dazed. Kaladin dragged Dabbid to the edge, trying to pick him up, but his muscles failing him. Rock actually came and helped Kaladin carry Dabbid to the safety of the hollow. After trying to save Gadol and treating Leyten and Hobber’s injuries, Kaladin set Dabbid’s arm using some arrows and Dabbid’s own shirt.[3]

The next day, Kaladin went to check on the wounded, including Dabbid. The bridgeman still looked much as he had the day before, staring forward, his eyes unfocused. Hobber told Kaladin that he had been like that all night. Kaladin snapped his fingers in front of Dabbid’s eyes, causing the latter to jump at the sound and follow Kaladin’s fingers. Hobber thought he’d been hit in the head, but Kaladin hoped it was just battle shock that would wear off eventually.[2]

Finding purpose in Bridge Four[edit]

Dabbid’s arm eventually healed, but he still didn’t talk. He followed the others, but he had been so profoundly shocked during battle that he didn’t talk. Kaladin worried that the man would never recover from his mind fatigue. However, Dabbid eventually began to assist Lopen, who referred to him as “moolie," in bringing water to the bridgemen on runs.[5]

When the men began training with spears, Dabbid stood off to the side, staring at nothing in particular. Shen would stand beside him, hesitant. Rock quickly realized that training Lopen, Dabbid, and Shen would not work and he brought them back to Kaladin. Instead, Kaladin had the four of them retrieve items from corpses with the assistance from Syl that way the others could train faster.[6]

This pattern continued with Dabbid serving water and bringing medical supplies during bridge runs and fetching salvageable items during chasm duty.[7][8] When Kaladin tried to pull the attention away from the bridgemen, attracting over 100 arrows to his shield, Dabbid helped usher Kaladin to safety. The rest of the bridgemen, including Dabbid, took over carrying the bridge while Kaladin rested.[9]

After being recruited by Dalinar Kholin, Kaladin assigned Dabbid and Shen to help Lopen assist Rock in training other bridgemen.[10]

During the Battle of Narak, Dabbid is left behind at the warcamp alongside Lopen, Hobber, and Moash, to look after the barracks and assist Kaladin in his recovery.[11] After the battle, Bridge Four relocated to Urithiru where Dabbid helped Rock in the kitchen. While Dabbid still doesn’t talk, he made up for it with stirring and running waterskins. He had actually become sort of an unofficial mascot for Bridge Four with the others saluting him when they pass. Upon seeing the smoke to the west after Hobber’s miracle, Bridge Four charged with their bridge towards it. Once the bridge was in place and they ran across, Dabbid and Lopen unhooked the shields and spears and tossed one to each of the bridgemen.[12]

Despite being the unofficial mascot of Bridge Four, Dabbid was still unable to draw in Stormlight, something he shared with Rlain.[13] While the others never spoke it, Rlain saw the truth in the reactions of the other bridgemen, that it was probably best that him and Dabbid remain without Stormlight.[14]


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