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by User: Sheep
Species Inkspren
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Ivory is an inkspren[1] that formed a Nahel bond with Queen Jasnah Kholin of Alethkar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

In the Physical Realm, Ivory takes the form of a small man made of some sort of inky-blackness in a fashionable suit, and long coat.[2] He is described as having sharply chiseled features too angular to be human,like that of a roughed-out statue not fully carved out.[3] However, when he first met Jasnah, Ivory appeared in the shape of a man comprised of some oil-like liquid and carrying a sword.[4] He also appears this way in the Cognitive Realm.

He is uncomfortable with others knowing of his bond with Jasnah, and hides from Shallan Davar even after she is aware that Jasnah was bonded to him.[2] Ivory and the others of his kind are still pained by the betrayal of the former Radiants at the Day of Recreance. Although he does not speak of it, Jasnah believes that entering the Physical Realm and bonding with her are considered to be acts of betrayal by his people.


Ivory was one of the first Inkspren to try to form a Nahel bond with a human in the current period, and according to Jasnah it is considered a betrayal to the other Inkspren. [2]

When Jasnah first bonds with Ivory, she does not notice him.[4] The first signs that something was different is that her shadow began acting oddly. She occasionally casts a shadow in the wrong direction, and sometimes it does not move as quickly as Jasnah does, following her half a second too late. This frightens Jasnah, as it was recorded as a superstitious sign that one had been cursed. The night of Gavilar Kholin's assassination, Jasnah yells at the misbehaving shadows, which then takes the form of a figure of blackness pointing a sword at her. Jasnah then falls into Shadesmar, where she manages to create a replica of a portion of the Kholinar Palace and a statue of Talenelat, which drew its sword at the spren. Ivory then bows to her and she returns to the Physical Realm.

By the time Jasnah returns from Shadesmar following the attempt on her life aboard The Wind's Pleasure, she and Ivory's bond has progressed to the point where Ivory can take the form of a Shardblade.[5]



Ivory grants Jasnah the powers of the Elsecallers, an order of the Knights Radiant. This gives Jasnah access to the Surges of Transformation and Transportation, which allowed her to Soulcast[6] and travel instantaneously from place to place, as well as to and from Shadesmar.[5]


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