Honor's Perpendicularity

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Honor's Perpendicularity
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Related to Honor
Use Travel between Shadesmar and Roshar, source of Stormlight
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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A well of power that pierces all three realms. A pathway home.


Honor's Perpendicularity is one of Roshar's two perpendicularities, alongside Cultivation's.[2]

It's considered highly dangerous and has a habit of moving around, appearing in various places at random.[2] What usually causes it to appear or vanish is unclear, as is how closely it is linked with the highstorms.[3] During the True Desolation, Honor's Perpendicularity can be opened at will by the Bondsmith Dalinar. This was not possible for previous Bondsmiths. After Ishar saw Dalinar opening the perpendicularity, the Herald is able to replicate the feat.[4]

At Thaylen Field[edit]

We are Connected. (...) We are something different. His remnants, your soul, my will.

Dalinar manages to summon Honor's perpendicularity in Thaylen City during the Battle of Thaylen Field, after swearing his Third Ideal as a Bondsmith. There, it takes the form of a column of golden light surrounding Dalinar, and seems to attract numerous gloryspren. Odium is terrified of its appearance, withdrawing from the battlefield almost as soon as he sees it.[1] The perpendicularity collapses on its own after just a few moments, although the three Realms remain close for a short time longer.[5]

While open, the perpendicularity not only allows for people to cross over between Shadesmar and Roshar's Physical Realm, but also provides effectively unlimited Stormlight to the surrounding area, refilling all gemstones and allowing the Surgebinders present to use their powers to their full potential. It also causes Taln to regain some of his mental functions, as he acts cognizant of his surroundings while it is open. Moreover, Dalinar seems more cosmere-aware during that time, with knowledge and understanding of concepts he has never been taught, which seems to diminish shortly after the perpendicularity closes.[1][5] It is possible that this is due to a temporary Ascension to the Shard.[6]

In Shadesmar, the perpendicularity likewise manifests as a column of light, with the surrounding soul-beads melting together, creating solid ground. The Fused have a violent reaction to its opening, being blasted away as if by wind. Notably, the same doesn't happen to either humans or spren.[1]


  • In a deleted scene from Words of Radiance, Honor's perpendicularity is a stable junction that would allow Jasnah to safely return from Shadesmar, with Ivory knowing its location.[7] It's unknown if the canon for it changed later, or if it was a mistake that would've been picked in the editing phase, were the scene to remain in the book.


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