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Physical Realm
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Universe Cosmere
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The Physical Realm is the realm of existence in the cosmere that contains what is perceivable to the physical senses.[1] Of the three Realms, it is the most readily understood.

The cosmere is a small star cluster within a dwarf galaxy.[2][3]

This article lists all the known celestial bodies in the cosmere as they appear in the Physical Realm, including planets, stars and moons.

The Selish System[edit]

Main article: Selish system

The Selish system orbits a yellow star named Mashe. There are five planets in this system: two within the habitable zone, then two gas giants named Ky and Ralen, and finally an unnamed dwarf planet.


Donne is the closest planet to the sun. While it is in a habitable region, it is barren and suffers from terrible dust storms.[4]


Main article: Sel

The second planet from the sun, Sel is an Earth-like planet inhabited by humans and artificially created beings called seons and skaze. The planet was the location of Elantris. Sel was dominated by the Fjordell Empire, with Arelon and Teod being the only remaining free nations. All these nations (except Teod which is located on a continent to the north) were situated on the continent of Opelon (named Sycla by the Fjordell Empire).[4][5]


Sel has a single moon named Oem.[4]

The Scadrian System[edit]

Main article: Scadrian system

The Scadrian system has a yellow sun. It has five planets: Scadrial within the system's habitable zone; two gas giants, named Aagal Nod and Aagal Uch; and finally two unnamed dwarf planets.[6]


Main article: Scadrial

The planet was created by the Shards Ruin and Preservation. The orbit of the planet has been changed by people using Investiture. Its size and gravitation are 1.0 cosmere standard.[6]

The Taldain System[edit]

Main article: Taldain system

The Taldain system is a binary system. The two stars in it are a weak white dwarf star surrounded by a particulate ring and a blue-white supergiant.[7]


Main article: Taldain

Taldain is a tidally locked planet. It is the only planet in this system. It is kept in an unstable orbit around AisDa by the gravitational pull of Ridos, and by some other, unknown force, presumably Autonomy. This astronomically unstable orbit is known as "Wombear's Saddle".[8]

It is orbited by a single moon known as Nizh Da.


AisDa is a blue-white supergiant star which lights the Dayside of Taldain.[8]

The Eye of Ridos[edit]

The Eye of Ridos is a weak white dwarf star surrounded by a particulate ring. It is the primary source of light and radiation for Darkside.[8]

Every seven days, it sends out a pulse of Investiture which Invests the Starcarved.[8]

The Threnodite System[edit]

Main article: Threnodite system

This planetary system has four planets. The habitable zone has three planets named Monody, Elegy, and Threnody. Elegy has a single moon named Coronach. Beyond the habitable zone is a single gas giant named Purity.[9]


Main article: Threnody

Threnody, the third planet in the Threnodite system, contains the Forests of Hell. It is the setting for the story Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. It has many features that are similar to Earth, including forests, mountains and oceans. Silver seems to be a fairly common resource on the planet, but because of its importance to survival, it is still finite and valuable. It has no moon.[9]

The Drominad System[edit]

Main article: Drominad system

The Drominad system has seven planets. There are four planets in the habitable zone, three of which have developed human societies. An asteroid belt lies just beyond these planets. Then there are three gas giants. All these planets are named for their position from the sun (First of the Sun, Second of the Sun, etc.).[10]

First of the Sun[edit]

Main article: First of the Sun

First of the Sun is a minor world consisting mainly of a large ocean and island systems. It has no Shards in residence.[10]


First of the Sun has a single moon named First of the First.

The Rosharan System[edit]

Main article: Rosharan system

Greater Roshar is a planetary system containing thirteen planets. Some have life, sentient and not, others are barren. There are three planets in the habitable region and ten gas giants. The gas giants are named after Vorin numerals.[11]


Main article: Ashyn

Ashyn is the first planet from the system's sun.[12] It has sentient life.[13]

The book The Silence Divine is set here.[13] The magic system involves people who gain magical powers from diseases.[14]

Ashyn is mostly barren, with a few fertile patches.[13] It currently has no shard.[15][16]


Main article: Roshar

Roshar is the second planet from the Rosharan system's sun. It has a gravity of 0.7, a year 500 days long, with each year being 1.1 earth years. The planet consists of one large super continent.


Roshar has three moons. The first moon is Salas. It is violet, and is the smallest moon. The middle moon is Nomon, which is a bright, pale blue. And the final moon is Mishim, which is small and green.


Main article: Braize

Braize is the third planet from the sun. Odium settled on Braize, although he is still affecting Roshar. Braize is unlikely to get its own books, but scenes from The Stormlight Archive will be set on Braize.[citation needed]

Braize is known to the Vorin people as Damnation.

The Nalthian System[edit]

Main article: Nalthian System

The Nalthian System orbits a yellow star. There are three planets in the system: Nalthis, the gas giant Farkeeper the Bright, and the dwarf planet Nightstar the Hidden. Much farther from the star, there is a comet belt. There is also a Cognitive Anomaly in Nalthis' orbit.[17]


Main article: Nalthis

On Nalthis, T'Telir is the capital city of Hallandren and its bordering mountain state of Idris. The jungles are situated in a large valley surrounded by mountains and a sea.


A single moon named Rrendos orbits the planet.[17]

The UTol System[edit]

Main article: UTol system

The UTol System orbits a red-orange star.[18] There are two planets in the system: UTol, and Komashi. They are in dual orbit with the star.[19] The Iron Seven Waystation is in the vicinity of the system.[19]


Main article: UTol

UTol is one of the only two known planets that are known to inhabited by Sho Del, alongside Yolen.[20] It is covered primarily by oceans with relatively small land masses.[20]


Main article: Komashi

Komashi is a planet that's inhabited by humans and hijo.[21] Humanity has inhabited very little of the planet, with the two largest nations being only fifty Rosharan-miles across.[22]

Other Planets[edit]


Main article: Bjendal

Little is known of Bjendal, and nothing is known of its peoples, or any Shards that may be located there. It does contain a perpendicularity.[23]


Main article: Canticle

Canticle is a very small planet, estimated at only 322km in diameter,[24] but with gravity within the ranges that would be expected for larger planets, caused by its highly Invested iron core.[25] The surface is blasted every day by intense sunlight capable of melting the land.[26]


Main article: Lumar

Lumar is a planet of islands with twelve moons hanging in equidistant, geostationary orbits oppressively close to the surface, that drop aether spores.[27] It has a whole ecosystem beneath the surface with nothing known about it.[28]


Main article: Mythos

Nothing is known of Mythos, its peoples, or any Shards that may be located there.


Main article: Obrodai

Little is known of Obrodai, but Autonomy has claimed it, manifested an avatar there, and warned Hoid against returning.[29]


Main article: Vax

Nothing is known of Vax, its peoples, or any Shards that may be located there. All that is certain is that it has a manifestation of Investiture.[30]


Main article: Yolen

Yolen is home to three sentient races[31] and was the origin of all humans in the cosmere.[2] The original sixteen Vessels were from Yolen.[31]

Stars and Constellations[edit]


The Starbelt is an unusually bright patch of stars in the sky of Threnody.[32] It is useful for navigation in the Forests of Hell during the night; the light usually filtered through the trees fairly well.

The Starbelt is the same patch of unusually bright stars that is visible from Scadrial.[33] It is visible from other worlds in the cosmere as well.[34]

Taln's Scar[edit]

Taln's Scar is a great swath of red stars that stand out against the white ones.[35]

The Tear[edit]

The Tear is a particularly bright star in the Rosharan sky. It's name comes from the single tear shed by Reya in Rosharan Mythology.[36]


Mashe is the star around which Sel and several other planets orbit.[4]


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