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Universe Cosmere
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The Scar is a prominent star system in the cosmere[1] that can be seen from multiple planets.[2][3] It is also known as the Starbelt, Taln's Scar, and Red Rip.


The Scar is a region of stars that are unusually bright.[4][5][3] In a cosmere star chart that was commissioned by an unknown patron,[6] the Scar includes a constellation known as "The Dragon".[6][1] Most of the stars in the Scar have a red tint on the chart and are perceived as red when viewed from several planets, unlike other stars.[7][8] The color is significant,[9] but the reason why is not yet known. Red is commonly associated with outside influence or corruption in the cosmere;[10] however, that is not necessarily the only thing that it symbolizes.[11]

The apparent shape of the Scar varies depending on the vantage point in the cosmere; it is not always visible on every planet.[12][3] This is due to the positioning of the various planetary systems as well as local factors such as mist or ash.[3][13] Additionally, stars are not known to be visible from the Cognitive Realm.[14]

Local Names and Observations[edit]


The Forests felt... dark this night. The light of the Starbelt above didn’t seem to filter through the branches as well as it should.

On Threnody, the Scar is known as the Starbelt.[15][3] Threnody has no moon, making the nights extremely dark; the Starbelt is usually bright enough to faintly illuminate objects, even when its light is filtered by tree branches.[16][15] Threnody may lie relatively close to the Scar, as Silence Montane implies that the Starbelt's position in the sky changes on a day-to-day basis.[15] The residents of Threnody do not describe the Starbelt's light as red; the star at the center of the Threnodite system also appears to be red,[1][16] which may affect their perception of the Scar.


The crimson eyes hovered like Taln's Scar - like spheres in the darkness, deeper in color than any ruby.

Most Rosharan people refer to the Scar as Taln's Scar, named for the Herald known as Taln.[8] Taln's Scar is described as deep red in color, and it changes position in different seasons.[8] It is visible before the sun sets and other twinkling white stars (accompanied by starspren) appear.[18] Reya's Tear is another notably bright star in the sky, but it is not part of Taln's Scar.[18] Roshar has three moons that rise and set during the night;[19] between moons, the stars provide adequate illumination for someone to move around but not quite enough to read or draw.[20][21] The position of Taln's scar on one's seventh birthday is relevant in Rosharan astrology.[22]


Classical Scadrial[edit]

In Classical Scadrial, no mention is made of any unusually bright stars or constellations, even when Sazed discusses an astronomically-aware people known as the Nelazan.[23] During the Final Empire, the sky was largely obscured by mist and the ashmounts, to the point that even an allomancer burning tin could not always see the stars,[24] with the exception of tin savants.[25] Vin is able to see the stars by using tin or by using steel to fly above the mists.[26] When she does so, she can see some of the same stars that would be in the skies of Threnody,[27] yet she still does not take note of anything that resembles the Scar. It is possible that Luthadel's orientation at the north pole of Scadrial during this era[28] was such that the Scar was not visible.

Post-Catacendre Scadrial[edit]

The mists were out, curling around outside, though the skyscraper was tall enough he thought he could see stars and the Red Rip through that mist.

During the Catacendre, Harmony moves Scadrial back to its original orientation and orbit.[29] Hundreds of years later, Waxillium Ladrian sees a celestial phenomenon known as the Red Rip on several occasions, although he seems to consider it mundane. The Red Rip is not described in detail, but it is prominent on cloudless nights, and sometimes sits low on the horizon.[7] It is bright enough that it can sometimes be seen through the mists when they are present if observed at high enough elevation.[30]


The Scar is visible on Canticle, but only from certain angles of the planet.[31]


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