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Era Classical Scadrial
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1
The Nelazan believed that there was beauty in darkness, and that the daylight was more profane. They saw the stars as the Thousand Eyes of Trell watching them.
—Sazed, suggesting Trelagism to Vin[1]

The Nelazan were a Classical Scadrian culture that practiced Trelagism.[1]


They were not an advanced people, but they were a determined one.[1] Their religion was Trelagism, centered on the worship of Trell.[1] They believed that there was beauty in darkness, because the stars are the Thousand Eyes of Trell.[1] They thought of the sun as the single eye of Nalt, Trell's jealous brother. They believed Trell to be quiet yet always watchful over them, even when the sun obscured the stars.[1] Their doctrine is intentionally vague, often defaulting to "Ask Trell, and he will answer", as they believe each individual must seek their own truth.[2]

They were located in the far north and experienced the effects of axial tilt, meaning their summer days and winter nights were very long.[1] They had a focus on learning and mathematics.[2] They were accomplished astronomers, mapping the night sky in high detail.[1]

Historical significance[edit]

During the Final Empire, Sazed enthusiastically discusses the Nelazan with Vin not long after meeting her, since they share her preference for the night.[1] He describes their religion as "gentle, yet powerful"[1] and later notes that he has always liked the scholarly aspect of Trelagism.[2] Vin does not take Sazed's suggestion too seriously, since it was the fifth religion he had presented to her.[1]

Sazed, as Harmony, used their detailed star charts to return Scadrial to its pre-Ascension orbit during the Catacendre.[3]

The worship of Trell reappears on Scadrial after the Catacendre,[4] notably practiced by Miles Dagouter[5] and some members of the Set.[6][4] Sazed included information about Trelagism in the Words of Founding and it is known to many residents of Elendel.[5][7] However, Miles refers to his religion as "Trellism" and his statements regarding Trell do not appear to align with the values of the Nelazan.[5] Brandon has not clarified any differences between Trelagism and Trellism[8] other than to say it may come into play in future Mistborn novels.[9]


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