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Lift and six other thieves climb over a wall of the Bronze Palace as they intend to rob it while a new Prime Aqasix is being chosen by the vizierate. Lift sees Nale in the distance and frets that he is still pursuing her somehow. The thieves climb up the palace wall and Lift chats with her spren Wyndle, who says that he wanted to chose someone else to bond but ended up with Lift since she had visited the Old Magic. Lift and Wyndle bicker as they infiltrate the palace. Huqin says they are there to steal clothes which aren't well guarded but will sell for a lot. Lift disobeys Huqin and wanders the palace with Gawx accompanying her. Lift tells Gawx that she wants to steal the prime's food and she heads towards the Prime's chambers while he goes to the vizier quarters to find spheres. Wyndle helps her further infiltrate the palace while he teaches Lift about spren and her odd ability to convert food into stormlight. Lift sneaks into the dining area and hides under the table as the vizierate reviews applications for Emperor. Lift listens as they debate what to do since no one wants to be Prime due to the recent assassinations. She steals a dinner roll then hesitates as she notices that Nale is there. She tries to flee but is caught, and Nale has her arrested and tells the vizierate that he has the proper forms. She tries to use her ability to escape but is inhibited by a larkin which drains her stormlight. The head vizier protests that Lift will be executed for mere thievery, but Nale adds the crimes of trespass and interrupting a holy conclave in session.

Lift escapes long enough to get a half-eaten roll which she quickly eats before being captured again. After a short time, Lift gains enough stormlight to evade her captors, though she sees Nale has abilities also as he chases her carrying a shardblade. One of Nale's companions slits Gawx's throat, and Nale recaptures Lift, then berates his ally for killing the boy without filling out the correct paperwork. Lift escapes but then decides to save Gawx because someone has to care, and Wyndle says that her regrowth ability could help if she was more trained. She returns to Gawx' body and breathes stormlight into his mouth before Nale again captures her and identifies her as an Edgedancer and tells her about their order. Nale says he hunts her because her abilities could bring Desolations back to the world. Nale draws his shardblade to kill her but she is suddenly pardoned by the new Prime Aqasix, Gawx, who was elected due to his miracle survival. Nale obeys the pardon to release Lift and praises Yaezir and leaves. Lift congratulates Gawx on his election and asks for food.


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