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Relatives Gawx
Profession Thief
Groups Huqin's crew
Nationality Azish
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Huqin is a thief from Azir on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has the typical dark skin and dark hair of the Azish, as well as a long nose. He wears black clothing during a nighttime burglary. He is accustomed to living as a thief and has strategies for getting in and out of a job quickly, even if that means abandoning his accomplices.[1]


Huqin is the leader of a thieving crew that includes his nephew Gawx, Maxin, Tigzikk, and two brothers. Tigzikk comes up with the idea of robbing the Bronze Palace of Azimir while the vizierate are distracted by the search for a new Prime Aqasix. Huqin mentions that the haul from robbing the palace would allow the crew to live in luxury for at least a year or two. Tigzikk knows a girl named Lift who has exhibited a talent for sneaking into places, and recruits her to join the crew. Huqin is skeptical, but allows her to come on the job.[1]

Huqin decides to infiltrate the palace during the darkest part of the night. Lift uses her Surgebinding abilities to climb an unscalable wall and break into a window, dropping a rope to the rest of the crew. Huqin and other members of the team begin stealing clothing and accessories, surprising Lift. Huqin tells her that these items are highly valuable and easier to steal than things like artwork or jewelry that are kept in secure locations. He moves on to another room, telling Lift and Gawx to stay put. However, Lift had an ulterior motive in joining the crew, and leaves to find someone's dinner to steal.[1]

Gawx leaves with Lift, despite her insistence that he should wait as assigned. She believes that Huqin will have no problem leaving both of them behind if they are not there when he returns. Gawx seems eager to prove himself because Huqin does not have confidence in him, and he tags along anyway. They come to the emperor's rooms and are apprehended by Nale and his minions; Lift sees Huqin and the rest of the crew leaving without them, as she expected.[1]

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