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But as for Ishi'Elin, his was the part most important at their inception; he readily understood the implications of Surges being granted to men, and caused organization to be thrust upon them; as having too great power, he let it be known that he would destroy each and every one, unless they agreed to be bound by precepts and laws.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 2, page 4

Plot Summary
Ishaches 1173

Shallan wakes up in her new quarters in the evening. Shallan and Pattern converse and Shallan teaches her spren some figures of speech. Shallan opens her trunk and finds the spanreed blinking an alert light, and sets it up to receive messages. Shallan reads Tyn's old correspondence regarding Jasnah, House Davar and the Ghostbloods. Pattern points out a code that he detects in the messages. Shallan frets that she will not be able to infiltrate the Ghostbloods, but then uses her sketching ability and lightweaving to create an illusionary disguise for herself. Shallan receives a message on the spanreed that indicates the Ghostbloods want to meet with Tyn that evening, but Shallan says that she is not well and that she will send an apprentice in her (Tyn's) place. The intermediary eventually replies that the Ghostbloods will meet the apprentice and gives a map and time for the meeting. Shallan wears Tyn's clothing, Bluth's hat, and a darkeyes disguise and leaves to go to the rendezvous.


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