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Palona by Marie Seeberger.jpg
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Herdazian
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Palona is a Herdazian on Roshar. As the longtime mistress of Highprince Turinad Sebarial, she is effectively a member of the nobility of Alethkar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Palona is described as having dark eyes and the typical rocklike crystalline fingernails of a Herdazian.[1] She is short, middle-aged, and has dark, curly hair.[1][2] She speaks with a Herdazian accent[1] and presumably has the typical deep tan skin of her people.[3][4]

She is kind, although she is sometimes blunt.[1][5] She can be thoughtful and considerate towards people she cares about.[6][2][7]

Palona enjoys luxury, spending money, and wearing fashionable clothing, yet she is not pretentious.[1][8] She sometimes appears to be detached from events occurring around her, as she is seen relaxing with a novel during the Battle of Narak[9] and reading gossip reports amidst the squabbling of Rosharan royalty.[10] Her contemporaries, including Shallan and Navani Kholin, tend to make light of her penchant for massages.[2][11]

Although she is not married to Turinad, she runs the household and appears to be familiar with the traditions of Alethi nobility.[1] However, she does not have the modesty of a typical Vorin woman, as she does not cover her back while being massaged, even when other people are present.[12] She covers her safehand, but is sometimes careless about showing it.[2]


Little is known of Palona's history before meeting Sebarial. Her age and birthplace are unknown. Towards the end of the Era of Solitude, there had been significant migration of Herdazian people to Alethkar and Jah Keved[13] and the Sebarial warcamp likely had the largest Herdazian population on the Shattered Plains,[14] but neither of those facts have been explicitly linked to Palona's life among the Alethi. The duration of Palona and Sebarial's relationship was also unclear, but he apparently took her in at some point.[1] Their relationship seemed to be well-established by the end of the War of Reckoning; other nobles were never surprised by Palona's presence, nor did they comment on the nature of her arrangement with Sebarial.

Shattered Plains[edit]

Palona was first seen living in the Sebarial warcamp on the Shattered Plains.[1] The Sebarial warcamp was well-constructed and more similar to a city than other warcamps,[15] and Palona lived in a manor with Turinad.[1] Their home's interior was particularly opulent, with marble, silk, crystal, and gold among the materials used in the decor.[1] The residence also had numerous servants, running water, and gardens with ornamental shalebark.[1]

When Sebarial brought Shallan to the manor, Palona was very welcoming. She ensured that Shallan received a stipend that Turinad promised, her own room and servants, housing for her entourage, and the use of a horse-drawn carriage for transportation.[1][16][12] She also helped Shallan improve the Herdazian accent that she occasionally used while disguised.[17] Palona reviewed reports from Shallan regarding both House Sebarial's finances and updates on local events.[18]

As the mistress of a Highprince, Palona attended many events for the Alethi elite. She was present when Adolin and Renarin Kholin fought an ill-advised duel against multiple Shardbearers.[19] She insisted on coming to the Shattered Plains when Sebarial agreed to join Dalinar Kholin's assault on the Parshendi.[8] Palona wore fashionable clothing while she and Sebarial lounged and ate sellafruit, even as the fighting escalated.[8][20] Dalinar was surprised to learn that Sebarial actually helped during the battle, indicating that the couple may have been paying more attention than it seemed.[9]


Palona was among the many residents of the Shattered Plains who moved to Urithiru after the activation of the Stormseat Oathgate. Sebarial's actions at the end of the War of Reckoning gained Dalinar's trust and he was named Highprince of Commerce, giving House Sebarial additional influence in the displaced Alethi government.[5] Palona was among the first people to see the corpse of Torol Sadeas after his murder in the halls of Urithiru, and flippantly called his death a "problem solved", as she was one of the many people who hated Sadeas.[5] She was present at Dalinar and Navani's small wedding ceremony,[21] as well as Dalinar's meetings when he attempted to form a multinational coalition as part of his plan to unite Roshar.[11] She was one of the first people to know that Jasnah Kholin had been crowned as Queen.[10]

Palona and Sebarial were living in the tower shortly before its occupation by the Fused. Navani noticed that Sebarial had started dressing better, and wondered if Palona was behind the change. Navani planned to send Sebarial back to the warcamps to fill the power void left by Ialai's death and bring order back to the area.[22] Palona likely accompanied Sebarial on this task; they were not seen during the occupation.


Turinad Sebarial[edit]

Palona and Turinad have an unusual relationship. In general, the two of them get along well, and tend to playfully antagonize one another.[1] Palona claims that Turinad wants to marry her,[1] while Turinad has joked that he pays more than three broams a week for Palona.[23] However, there also seem to be some barriers between them. Although Palona seems confident in many situations, she has also obliquely referred to herself as a "stray" that Turinad brought home.[1] Turinad reveals to Navani that he truly does want to marry Palona, but she has continually rebuffed him for reasons that remain unclear. He believes that she either considers him unworthy of her or vice versa, but she tends to evade his questions. Navani believes that Turinad's generally frivolous attitude in life might be causing Palona to feel undervalued, and advises him to be more sincere with her.[22]

Shallan Davar[edit]

Palona was particularly welcoming to Shallan when she came to live at the Sebarial warcamp.[1] Palona helpfully anticipated Shallan's needs, and often paid personal visits to her quarters.[6][1] Shallan is very grateful to Palona for taking her in,[16] and after the Battle of Narak, she continues to live in the Sebarial section of Urithiru. Shallan sees Palona as something of a mother figure who often checks in on her.[24][2][7] Palona appears in Shallan's sketchbook,[25] and her face sometimes appears in Shallan's Lightweaving illusions.[26] Palona took an interest in Shallan's interaction with Re-Shephir, and thought that the other Unmade should be sought out to ensure that they were imprisoned.[26]


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