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Highprince of Commerce
Related to Alethkar, Alethi culture, Highprince
Type Title
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

Life doesn’t stop for a war, child. Everyone will still need new shoes, baskets, clothing, wine.

The Highprince of Commerce is a title bestowed by the Alethi king onto one of his highprinces on Roshar. It is unclear if the Highprince of Commerce role existed previously when kingdom duties were split between the different highprinces.[2] It is currently held by Highprince Sebarial.[3]


The Highprince of Commerce is responsible for securing and regulating trade throughout Alethkar. He has the authority to patrol the trade routes and markets, establish new marketplaces, and institute laws governing them.[2][4] He can set up taxes, both on trade routes and goods,[4][1] is responsible for keeping track of the country's supplies and economy,[3] and has some measure of control over the use of the crowns gemstones.[5]


In the time period between Gavilar's unification of the country and the True Desolation, Alethkar did not have a Highprince of Commerce.[2] Dalinar gave the role to Sebarial following the Alethi relocating to Urithiru in an effort to turn the tower into a livable space .[3] Sebarial was ordered to establish a new marketplace and despite Navani's wishes for an orderly and well regulated thoroughfare, Sebarial agreed to the demands of the merchants who wanted the marketplace to be larger so it would be harder to regulate and control.[4] To help appease the merchants, as well as lower tensions, Sebarial also subsidized the price of alcohol by lowing taxes on these goods.[4]

Sebarial also created a lucrative tax plan for movement through the Oathgate to create revenue for the tower city and sustain its population.[1] While Sebarial has broad authority at Urithiru, this does not stretch beyond the city and the Shattered Plains war camps, as Queen Fen of Thaylenah is made responsible for commerce in the broader alliance.[6] This arrangement is partially to help with diplomatic relations and partially to punish Sebarial for his general attitude.[6]


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