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Chaos in Alethkar is, of course, inevitable. Watch carefully, and do not let power in the kingdom solidify. The Blackthorn could become an ally or our greatest foe, depending on whether he takes the path of the warlord or not. If he seems likely to sue for peace, assassinate him expeditiously. The risk of competition is too great.
—From the Diagram, Writings upon the Bedstand Lamp: paragraph 4 (Adrotagia's 3rd translation from the original hieroglyphics)

Sylphrena says that the other storm which is blowing from west to east is of Him, not us, but that she doesn't know what will happen. Kaladin wonders where the army vanished to as he stands on the empty plateau where the army had been. Syl verifies that shardblades are dead spren, but they gain a little life when summoned, and that forces, unlike people, can be broken without being completely destroyed. Kaladin asks why Szeth's blade doesn't scream and Syl says it is not a spren but something different and dangerous. She says she thinks it is an Honorblade of the Heralds, and that its grants its holder the powers of a Windrunner, and that the Honorblades were given by Honor to men and that spren are based on those blades, and that it is valuable. She explains that the blade gives the abilities without the checks a spren requires but that it requires dangerous amounts of stormlight. Kaladin encounters some men from bridge four, including Rock and Teft. Kaladin says the new blade was Szeth's and he is now dead. Bisig says that Radiant girl showed them how to bring the plateau back, and Kaladin realizes that must be Shallan and that she is either a Radiant or has an Honorblade. Kaladin gets a status report, and wonders what he should say about Moash, and realizes he can't keep his abilities a secret. Teft says some of the bridgemen began to glow and that the bridgemen might be part of the Radiants' hierarchy as well. Teft tells Kaladin that his eyes turned light and Kaladin silently curses. Kal summons Syl to operate the lock fabrial to transport them.

Shallan stands by the gates of Urithiru, watching as people begin exploring the city. Pattern says that Shallan is almost a Radiant and will be so once she speaks truths. Shallan guesses that their location is in the mountains near Tu Bayla or perhaps Emul. Shallan checks in with Dalinar as scribes send messages via spanreed warning of the storm blowing in the wrong direction. Dalinar reports that Elhokar vanished and that Kholinar is in riot. Shallan sees a flash that marks the return of Kaladin and bridge four. Kaladin floats over, carrying a shardblade, and reports that Szeth is dead and that Elhokar was wounded but relocated to a safe house that no one would think of.

Lopen experiments with an infused gemstone as his mother implores Elhokar to eat his chouta. Chilinko tells Lopen they may need to move from their house in Sebarial's warcamp as there is word that something was found on the Plains. Lopen manages to drain some stormlight briefly and sees new flesh growing where his arm is missing, and he then demands more spheres from his family, proclaiming in triumph.

Moash rides on a cart heading out of the warcamps, with his armor packed away. Graves joins him and points out some scavengers going through the warcamps to loot them. He says they will get what is coming to them when the Everstorm arrives. Moash thinks to himself in disbelief that he was a traitor and that he tried to kill Kaladin and failed to kill Elhokar. Graves explains what he knows from the Diagram though it is vague, and curses that Jasnah was right about the Voidbringers being the Parshmen. Moash asks who Graves really is, and he replies that he is a patriot who interpreted the Diagram incorrectly. Graves tells Moash that he will bring him into the Diagram and that they have important work ahead in saving the world. Moash thinks he was played but still goes along.


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