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Chapter 25: Monsters
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 24: Tyn
Precedes Chapter 26: The Feather
Viewpoint Kaladin

Smokeform for hiding and slipping between men.
A form of power, like human Surges.
Bring it 'round again.
Though crafted of gods,
It was by Unmade hand.
Leaves its force to be but one of foe or friend.

—From the listener Song of Secrets, 127th stanza

Plot summary
Tanatishah 1173

Dalinar orders Kaladin and Bridge Four to learn how to ride horses so they can travel more quickly around the camp. Moash advises against trusting Dalinar but agrees eagerly to learn to ride for the battlefield advantage that horses give. Jenet, the stablemaster, is displeased but lectures Bridge Four on horsemanship. Adolin appears but is chased off as Jenet tries to hit him with some rocks. After the lecture, Kaladin and the others practice riding the horses, which is difficult for Kaladin at first though he gains a small amount of proficiency. Kaladin questions one of the bridgemen, Natam, about the night that Elhokar almost fell off the balcony. Kaladin realizes the sabotage must have happened after the highstorm. Adolin taunts Kaladin into abandoning his training horse to ride an untamed horse, though Kaladin gives a different reason to Syl, saying it is to get over his fear. Kaladin mounts the new horse, Dreamstorm, using stormlight to adhere himself to the saddle. The horse tires itself out trying to buck Kaladin from the saddle, and eventually succeeds when the stormlight runs out. Dalinar orders Kaladin to start patroling outside the camps using the horses. Kaladin further questions Natam who says that he saw Moash go onto the balcony after the storm but Kaladin dismisses him as a suspect. Kaladin seethes with anger as he sees Dalinar have a friendly chat with Amaram.


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