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Profession Stablemaster
Residence The Alethi warcamps
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Words of Radiance

Jenet is the stablemaster of the Kholin warcamp's stables on the Shattered Plains.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

All right, listen up, soldier boys! We’re going to do this properly. I won’t have you hurting my horses, all right? You listen, and you listen well.

—Jenet, to Bridge Four[1]

Jenet is a pretty woman who wears her dark hair up in a simple tail with no ornaments. Her face is rather taut, which Kaladin finds strange for a lighteyes. She wears a riding dress, a havah made of a coarse material that has slits from ankle to thigh up the front and back, with feminine trousers underneath. She wears a sleeve over her safehand, even though most of the female grooms wear a glove.[1]

She is rather standoffish and is openly displeased by Dalinar's orders to teach a bunch of soldiers how to ride horses. She is very curt with Kaladin and she is blunt enough to tell him that he needs his hair cut, despite his rank as a captain. She also hurls rocks in annoyance at prince Adolin Kholin. She generally lacks refinement and polish in her interactions, which Kaladin finds refreshing in a lighteyed woman.[1]

Jenet was attracted to horse grooming because it is not addressed as a "masculine" or "feminine" art in the sacred Vorin text Arts and Majesty, allowing both men and women to do the job. Despite her youth, she is Dalinar's most trusted stablemaster. She is extremely knowledgeable about horses and a large team of grooms, both men and women, report to her. She cares deeply for the horses and their safety, expressing concern when Dalinar orders them to be used on patrol outside the camps.[1]


At some point she was presumably involved in a failed relationship with Adolin, as she threw rocks at him when he attempted to exchange pleasantries with her.[1]

You dropped the reins. Storming fool! Were you even listening?

—Jenet, to Moash[1]

Dalinar ordered her to train Bridge Four and the other bridgemen under his service in horse riding. She was not happy to be teaching beginners, and gave a very long, protracted, and thorough lesson on horse riding before allowing the bridgemen to touch the animals. She was particularly concerned about the horses getting spooked. Once the bridgemen began riding the horses, she was easily frustrated with any mistakes that they made.[1] She seemed both incredulous and amused when Kaladin, who was being mocked by Adolin for riding the aging Spray, said he was going to ride Dreamstorm. Jenet seemed more worried about the horse's safety than Kaladin's. She watched in both horror and awe as Kaladin briefly rode Dreamstorm (with the help of Stormlight) until the point that he was thrown off.[1]

After Dalinar agreed to let the bridgemen begin patrols outside of the warcamps, he instructed them to bring some horses with them to practice. Jenet was immediately perturbed by the idea of taking horses outside of the city due to her concerns about bandits, but Dalinar overruled her and told her that the horses were there to be used.[1]


  • "Jenet" is a gender-neutral name in Alethkar, as Kaladin assumed that the stablemaster was a man before meeting her.[1]
  • Brandon used both his real-life horseback riding experiences and advice from horse experts in order to write Jenet's scene.[2]


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