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by Fyre
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Jenet is the stablemaster of the Kholin warcamp's stables on the Shattered Plains.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Jenet is a pretty woman who wears her hair up in a simple tail with no ornaments. Her face is rather taut, which Kaladin finds strange for a lighteyes. She wears a riding dress, a Havah made of coarser material than silk with slits from ankle to thigh up the front and back, with feminine trousers underneath.[1]

She is rather stand-offish and isn't pleased at the idea of teaching a bunch of soldiers or letting them touching her horses and gets easily frustrated with them. She is blunt enough to tell a Captain that he needs his hair cut and is very curt with Kaladin, lacking any refinement and polish in her interactions, which he finds refreshing in a lighteyed woman. She gives a very long, protracted and thorough lesson on horse riding before she even lets the men touch the horses. She does not stop her lesson, even as she stoops down to collect a rock and throw it at Adolin Kholin when he flirts with her.[1]

Jenet cares deeply for the horses and their safety, expressing concern when Dalinar orders the horses to be used on patrol outside the camps.[1]


Jenet chose to work with horses since they are not mentioned in Arts and Majesty. At some point she started courting Adolin but things went south enough between them for her to throw rocks at him upon sight.[1]

Dalinar orders her to train Bridge Four and the other bridgemen under his service in horse riding, which she finds to be very frustrating. She seems both incredulous and amused when Kaladin says he is going to ride Dreamstorm and seems more worried about the horse's safety than his. She watches in both horror and awe as he rides Dreamstorm until the point that he is thrown off.[1]


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