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You, however, have never been a force of equilibrium. You tow chaos behind you like a corpse dragged by on leg through the snow. Please, hearken to my plea. Leave that place and join me in my oath of nonintervention.

Plot Summary
Ishakev 1173

Kaladin reaches the sheltered alcove just before the floodwaters and they huddle together against the rock as the waters quickly rise, momentarily cresting over the edge of their cubby. Kaladin tells Shallan how he was left to die in a highstorm by Sadeas. Kal looks up and thinks he sees a giant glowing figure followed by another figure walking in the storm. Shallan asks Kal to tell his story as a means of taking her mind off the highstorm, and he starts from when he was made a slave by Amaram, and speaks of his slavery and Tvlakv, and time with bridge four, and rescue of Dalinar and fighting the Parshendi shardbearer. He hears chanting and sees strange spren flying around. After he finishes his story, Shallan says she killed her father, and tells about how her mother died, and what her life was like when she was a child, and Kaladin realizes how much he had in comparison with her since his parents weren't abusive. He realizes that her brother was the shardbearer he killed when he saved Amaram, but doesn't reveal that fact to her. She tells of her plan to rob Jasnah, and instead becoming her ward and Adolin's betrothed. She vanishes, and Kaladin realizes that he is having a vision.

Kaladin sees a giant face and addresses it as Stormfather, and is called Child of Honor in return. Kal asks if Shallan is a Radiant and gets a rumble in return. Kal asks after Sylphrena and the Stormfather says that Kaladin killed her and that she can't be brought back since she is now broken and that Kal will never ride his winds again, and then says goodbye as the vision ends. Shallan exclaims and says she also saw the face of the vision, which Kal identifies as the Stormfather. After the storm subsides, they fall asleep.


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