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Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tvlakv is a Thaylen slave trader on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is a rounded man with brown eyes and a faint limp. As a Thaylen, his beard and eyebrows are stark white, contrasting with the black hair on his head. He wears clothing that was once fine, though it has since grown ragged.[1] He is also described as portly.[2][3]


He has been previously married, a number of times.[2]

He brings Kaladin and a number of other slaves to the Shattered Plains, where he sells them in Sadeas's warcamp for use in their bridge crews.[4]

Months after selling Kaladin into slavery, Tvlakv is in camp with Bluth and Tag when Shallan approaches and falls unconscious, exhausted from her time on her own after the shipwreck. He wakes Shallan up the next morning and tells her they will be leaving, and she requests to travel with them. In doing so, she turns them back around to travel back north to the Shattered Plains.[3] During this time he gives her a minimal amount of comfort and care in order to make her more dependent upon his services, not even affording her proper shoes. Although she originally thought to use him as an escort, he instead thinks that he will be selling her off to the ones who are expecting her at the Shattered Plains.[5]

During her first confrontation with him, Shallan mentions that if he does as requested and takes her safely to the Shattered Plains he will "be freed." Although she was guessing at the time, it appears that she guessed well and he had been in some kind of deep debt or indentured servitude.[5]

After they begin being chased by Vathah and his band of deserters, he suggests pulling off and allowing them to attack the richer bounty ahead as a distraction, but he is overruled by Shallan. His caravan goes up as far as the spot of the earlier battle, where they meet Tyn and notice the deserters are advancing upon them.[6]

At this stage Shallan takes off to recruit these men to their side.[6] Tvlakv survives the battle, after which Shallan takes the 5 slaves remaining to him and buys the third wagon for 5 sapphire broams, leaving him incredibly insulted and he leaves to return south again.She does not take his parshmen however.[7]

It was a flat-out lie. However, after six days of travelling together, she had discovered that Tvlakv didn't much mind being caught in a lie.

Shallan's impression of the slaver after only a short time with him.[5]


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