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Profession Merchant
Nationality Thaylen
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

I didn't say Tvlakv isn't a bastard. He's just a likable bastard. Those are the worst kind. When you kill them, you end up feeling guilty for it.

Kaladin to Sylphrena, on Tvlakv[1]

Tvlakv is a Thaylen slave trader on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

It was a flat-out lie. However, after six days of traveling together, she had discovered that Tvlakv didn't much mind being caught in a lie.

Shallan's impression of Tvlakv[3]

He is a portly man and walks with a faint limp, although he can move fairly quickly when he is motivated.[3][2] As a Thaylen, his beard and long eyebrows are stark white, contrasting with his brown eyes and black hair. He wears a suit and vest that were once fine, though they have grown ragged.[2][4] He usually wears a dark blue knit cap, and has a habit of wringing it in his hands when he is nervous.[2][4] He also has a black cloak that he wears in case of rain.[1] He speaks Alethi with a light Thaylen accent.[2][4]

Tvlakv is relatively eloquent, and even those who distrust him take note of his charisma. He is unscrupulous and prone to telling obvious lies, and he simply glosses over them if he is caught.[2][3] He checks on the health of his slaves, but only to protect their value;[2] most of them remain sickly and underfed.[3] He has no problem executing a slave if he is worried they could spread illness.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a slaver, Tvlakv has led numerous caravans to the Shattered Plains. His caravan has three wagons, and it is led by chulls.[2] Tvlakv's wagon has a waterproof enclosure built into the bottom where he takes refuge during highstorms.[1] He has become experienced in dealing with dangers such as the storms and bandits,[1][3] but he is not yet familiar with all of the routes to the Plains. He employs mercenaries (Tag and Bluth) to perform physical labor and provide protection; he also employs Taran as a serving boy.[2] He later acquires several parshmen to help with more menial tasks.[5]


He has been married multiple times.[1]

It is unclear how Tvlakv became a slaver. Kaladin believed that he was likely a merchant that had been forced into slavery due to some sort of ill fortune.[1] Shallan seemed to sense the same thing. She successfully bluffed him into escorting her safely to the Shattered Plains by telling him that he would "be freed" if he did so. Based on Tvlakv's reaction and a comment he makes to Tag, Shallan guessed something close to the truth, and he was presumably in some kind of deep debt or indentured servitude.[3]

Trading Kaladin[edit]

Sometime in 1173, Tvlakv acquired Kaladin from another slaver who sold him for a "pittance" after Kaladin led a failed revolt that resulted in the deaths of Goshel and a number of other slaves.[2][6] Kaladin thought Tvlakv was his seventh owner after the incident with Meridas Amaram.[1] Kaladin was a troublesome slave, and was constantly in conflict with Tvlakv. Kaladin fought other slaves, threatened Tvlakv and his mercenaries, and even considered poisoning Tvlakv with blackbane.[2] At one point, a fellow slave was afflicted by the grindings; Kaladin told Tvlakv how to treat the mild illness, but Tvlakv did not trust him and had the slave killed rather than risk further infection. In another notable incident around Middlefest of 1173, Tvlakv took the caravan into an unfamiliar area and became lost. Kaladin pretended he could help, but instead snatched the map from Tvlakv and shredded it. Tvlakv was incensed, as the map also included upcoming highstorm dates that he had purchased from a roving stormwarden, but quickly pulled himself together and taunted Kaladin.[1]

Tvlakv ultimately brought Kaladin and the other slaves to the Shattered Plains, where he sold them in Torol Sadeas's warcamp. Tvlakv was forced to barter with Hashal, who clearly intimidated him. Kaladin lied about the reason for his brands, hoping to join an army, but at the last minute Tvlakv told Hashal that Kaladin was a deserter who tried to lead slave rebellions. This led to Kaladin and some of the other slaves being purchased for the bridge crews. Tvlakv briefly apologized to Kaladin, saying he had to reveal what he knew or the Alethi would not trust him the next time he came to the Plains. During the transaction, Tvlakv claimed that none of the slaves had paid down any of their debt; Kaladin suspected that this was a lie.[7]

Transporting Shallan[edit]

In Tanatak 1173, a few months after selling Kaladin, Tvlakv's caravan made camp in the southern Frostlands, planning to head west after purchasing some slaves in the Shallow Crypts. One night, Shallan Davar approached and fell unconscious, exhausted from her time on her own after the sinking of the Wind's Pleasure. Tvlakv woke her up the next morning and told her that they would be leaving, and she requested to travel with them. Although Shallan had no memory of meeting the men, she could tell that they might rob her, and quickly pretended that she was an important lighteyes and could pay them handsomely for their services. Tvlakv was confused, but ultimately submitted to Shallan's authority and agreed to travel back north to the Shattered Plains.[4] He was also very interested to see what was in the trunk she had saved from the shipwreck.[8]

I shall worry about our little lighteyed companion. Someone is missing her, someone rich. If we can sell her back to them, Tag, it could be what finally digs us out.


During the journey to the Plains, Tvlakv gave Shallan a minimal amount of comfort and care in order to make her more dependent upon his services, not even affording her proper shoes. Shallan knew he was lying, and continued to press him for more minor luxuries.[8] Shallan used Pattern to spy on Tvlakv, and learned that his intent was to sell her off to whomever was expecting her at the Shattered Plains for a high price.[3] Armed with this information, she confronted him and claimed she was to be betrothed on arrival. She claimed that she could "free" Tvlakv and that he should "stuff his schemes deep in a crevice". Tvlakv was shocked and abandoned his plans to betray her.[3]

Vathah and his band of deserters had been spotted in the distance, and soon began openly chasing the caravan. Tvlakv was concerned but tried to keep moving quickly to stay ahead of them. At the same time, Shallan and Tvlakv spotted smoke ahead and thought it might be another caravan.[5] Tvlakv wanted to flee, hoping the deserters might attack the presumably richer bounty ahead. He was overruled by Shallan, who hoped that the two caravans could join forces. When they approached the source of the smoke, they realized a battle had already occurred and many of the merchants in the other caravan had been killed; they met a few survivors including Tyn, Yix, and Macob. They explained that they had been attacked by bandits, who would be returning soon.[9]

Shallan realized that the deserters were advancing upon them, and changed her plans. She sent Tvlakv and Tag to help defend the caravans, while Bluth took her to the deserters so she could try to recruit them to their side. She surprised the deserters by approaching them directly, then promised to absolve them for any past crimes. Vathah was not swayed, but many of the deserters believed Shallan and joined the fight against the bandits.[9] The bandits were ultimately defeated, although Bluth was killed in the fighting. Tvlakv survived the battle, after which Shallan took his five remaining slaves (hiring them as paid workers instead), and bought the now-surplus wagon for five sapphire broams. Incredibly insulted, Tvlakv left with his parshmen to return south again.[10]

When Kaladin and Shallan became stuck in a highstorm together, Kaladin mentioned being a slave under Tvlakv, causing Shallan to gasp in recognition.[11]


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