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Chapter 28: Boots
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 27: Fabrications to Distract
Precedes Chapter 29: Rule of Blood
Viewpoint Shallan

The betrayal of spren has brought us here.
They gave their Surges to human heirs,
But not to those who know them most dear, before us.
'Tis no surprise we turned away
Unto the gods we spent our days
And to become their molding clay, they changed us.

—From the listener Song of Secrets, 40th stanza

Plot summary
Ishanach 1173

Tyn guides a chull wagon and gives friendly advice on being a con artist and impersonator to Shallan. Tyn explains how carefree she is and how fleeting personal belongings and missions are to her, and that her most recent mission ended without a positive resolution, though Shallan senses some tension when Tyn says this.

The caravan encounters four uniformed horse riders, and Tyn and Shallan separate from the group to meet with them. Tyn speaks with the riders, and proclaims Shallan to be a Horneater Princess, and Shallan attempts to play the role. One of the riders, Kal, inquires if they have seen any bandits and Tyn replies that they had and asks why he cares. Kal replies that they represent the Alethi King and want to patrol the area to clear it of bandits, and presses for more details on the attack. Kal then comments that Shallan looks too thin to be a Horneater, and she acts offended and demands Kal's boots in compensation, which he gives up reluctantly before their patrol departs. Tyn compliments Shallan on her impersonation but criticizes her for being overly emphatic as that is not a good quality in a con artist.


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