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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Macob is the head of a caravan of merchants on Roshar.[1] Judging by his accent he is neither Alethi nor Thaylen.[1]

They are spotted by Shallan, Tvlakv and his mercenaries after they were attacked by bandits.[2] These bandits attacked with firebrands, set some of their caravans on fire and then pulled back to allow them to work themselves putting out the fires before attacking again.[1]

He and his caravans are saved after Shallan convinces Vathah and his band of deserters to fight on her behalf.[3] After this he works out a deal with her wherein they will travel to the Shattered Plains together while under the protection of "her" men, in exchange for being provided with supplies throughout the journey.[1]

His caravan included many people, including families with young children.The head of his guards was Tyn.[3][1]


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