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Abilities Shardbearer
Aliases Vyre
Groups Bridge Four
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Moash is an Alethi Shardbearer on Roshar. Originally a bridgeman in Bridge Four,[1] he becomes a soldier and bodyguard under Kaladin's transformation of Bridge Four. He becomes such a talented spearman that he rises first to become one of Kaladin's subsquad commanders, later to lieutenant of all the bridgemen, and is eventually gifted a full set of Shards by Kaladin.[2] Moash eventually betrays Bridge Four and Kaladin, abandoning his duties in an attempt to assassinate King Elhokar. He then joins the Fused's army, as a slave, warrior, and assassin.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Moash is a lean Alethi and a strong, hawk-faced man.[1][3] He has brown eyes, which turn to light tan after he receives a full set of Shards.[Citation needed]

He is also mentioned to be a narrow-faced man with dark green eyes and brown hair specked with black.[2]


Moash joined the war assuming he would be made a spearman but ended up in Bridge Four.[4] When Bridge Four started training down in the chasms, Moash was one of the first who changed into a fighting man.[5] Later, on the bridgerun where Dunny died, Moash probably saved Kaladin's life by keeping him from reaching Dunny's body and later told Kaladin that he was wrong about him.[6]

Moash's grandparents, the only family he ever knew, died in a dungeon in Kholinar in what is called the Roshone Affair by Dalinar Kholin. Moash blames Elhokar Kholin, the king of Alethkar, for their death.[7]

When Adolin tries to give Kaladin the gift of Shardblade and Shardplate, Kaladin instead gives it to Moash, instantly making him a lighteyes in rank[8], and his eyes do start to lighten[8], though he doesn't consider himself one.

Moash becomes involved in a plot with Graves to assassinate Elhokar Kholin, which is ultimately thwarted by Kaladin. Moash takes the sword and plate with him when he flees the war camps with Graves after their failed attempt, and considers himself a traitor for having tried to kill Kaladin. Graves takes Moash to meet the Diagram.[9]

After deserting, Moash, and Graves head out into the wilderness with a caravan of stolen goods. A short while into the trip, the are attacked by a group of Fused. Moash attempts to fight with his Shardblade, but deems it too unwieldy. He utilizes a spear and his training to kill a member of the Fused. As the Fused group saw this, they gained respect for him, sparing his life and making him a slave.

As a slave, he pulls supply carts across the country like a chull. He sees a group of parshmen slaves being treated poorly, almost as bad as Bridge Four. He stands up for the group, gaining more respect among the Fused and the parshmen. Eventually, he ends his voyage in Kholinar, and is transferred from slave to warrior.

Moash aids his fellow troops by helping in the siege of Kholinar, namely combating Kaladin's guard. At the climax of the fight, Moash finds his way to Elhokar, and stabs him through the chest. He then stabs him again in the eye, just before Elhokar could finish swearing the First Ideal. He makes eye contact with Kaladin immediately after this, and is filled with shame.

Following the siege, he is put to work as a miner clearing out the debris. He doesn't seem to mind the frequent change of position, or the grueling work. After a while of clearing out rocks, a Fused approaches him and asks if he 'would kill a god.' He is given the unusual knife[10], and proceeds to kill Jezrien. He is then put back to manual labor, thinking of his betrayal to Kaladin.

After killing Jezrien, Moash is given Jezrien's Honorblade. The Fused tell him that he is to take the name Vyre, and to join them in the sky.


  • Though Moash's name is similar to Moshe Feder (Brandon's editor) it is not actually a cameo.[11]
  • Moash's eye color is initially (and erroneously) written as dark green in The Way of Kings. In Words of Radiance, his eyes are said to be brown. Peter Ahlstrom has confirmed that Moash's eyes are brown and that the first book is incorrect.[12]


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