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Ancestors Ana, Da (grandparents)
Abilities Shardbearer
Aliases Vyre
Groups Sadeas army (formerly)
Bridge Four (formerly)
Kholin army (formerly)
Diagram (formerly)
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Moash, also known as Vyre, is an Alethi Shardbearer on Roshar. Originally a bridgeman in Bridge Four,[1] he becomes a soldier and bodyguard under Kaladin's transformation of Bridge Four. He becomes such a talented spearman that he rises first to become one of Kaladin's subsquad commanders, later to lieutenant of all the bridgemen, and is eventually gifted a full set of Shards by Kaladin.[2] Moash eventually betrays Bridge Four and Kaladin, abandoning his duties in an attempt to assassinate King Elhokar. He then joins the Fused's army, as a slave, warrior, and assassin. Moash is the current posessor of Jezrien's Honorblade, which grants him access to the surgebinding powers of a Windrunner.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Moash is a lean Alethi and a strong, hawk-faced man.[1][3] He has brown eyes, which turn to light tan after he receives a full set of Shards.[4]

He is also described as a narrow-faced man with brown hair specked with black.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Both of Moash's parents died when he was a child. He was raised by his grandparents, who both worked as silversmiths in Kholinar.[5] It was his grandfather who named him. Later, Moash would discover that he has the same name as an ancient singer of some renown[6], although it is unknown whether his grandfather was aware of this, or how he came up with that name.[6]

Moash chose not to enter the family business, preferring jobs that involved traveling. While he was working on a caravan for a few months, his grandparents became victims in the Roshone Affair that led to them dying while incarcerated in the palace dungeons. Moash ultimately blamed Elhokar Kholin, who was then a royal prince but would later become the king of Alethkar, for their deaths.[5]

Bridge Four[edit]

Moash joined the war assuming he would be made a spearman but ended up in Bridge Four.[7] When Bridge Four started training down in the chasms, Moash was one of the first who changed into a fighting man.[8] Later, on the bridgerun where Dunny died, Moash probably saved Kaladin's life by keeping him from reaching Dunny's body and later told Kaladin that he was wrong about him.[9]

When Adolin tried to give Kaladin the gift of Shardblade and Shardplate, Kaladin instead gave them to Moash, thereby making him a lighteyes in rank[10]. His eyes started to lighten a week after[4], though he still did not consider himself lighteyes.

Attempted Regicide and Desertion[edit]

Moash became involved in a plot with Graves to assassinate King Elhokar Kholin, which was ultimately thwarted by Kaladin. Moash took his Plate and Blade and fled the warcamps with Graves after their failed attempt.[11]

They head out into the wilderness with a caravan of stolen goods. Graves intended to introduce Moash to the Diagram, hoping that bringing back a full Shardbearer could compensate for his plan's failure. A short while into the trip, they were attacked by a group of Fused. Graves was killed, and Moash attempted to fight with his Shardblade, but deemed it too unwieldy. He got hold of a spear and was able to kill one of the Fused.

Upon seeing this, the other Fused considered Moash to have enough "passion" to earn their respect, and gave him the choice between death and slavery. He chose slavery, gave up his Shards and his other weapons, and went with them.[12]

Servant of the Fused[edit]

As a slave, he pulled supply sledges across the country. On one of his routes, he saw a group of singers pulling sledges like the other slaves. He stood up for the group, gaining more respect among the Fused and the singers.[13] Eventually, he joined the assault on Kholinar as a warrior for the Fused's army.

In Kholinar, he and his singer companions fought with Kholinar's Wall Guard. At the climax of the fight, Moash found his way to King Elhokar, and stabbed him through the chest. He then stabbed the king again in the eye, just before Elhokar could finish swearing the First Ideal. His vengeance fulfilled, he looked up to see Kaladin, who was in Kholinar with the king on a mission to save the city. Moash saluted his former captain, who had frozen in shock at what happened, and left.[14]

Following the siege, he was put to work as a laborer clearing out the debris. There he was approached by a Fused, Hnanan, who gave him a bright golden knife with a sapphire attached to it. The Fused then sent him to assassinate the Herald Jezrien, whom he killed with the knife.[15]

Some time after the successful assassination, the Fused, Leshwi, offered Moash Jezrien's Honorblade as well as a new identity. He accepted, took the singer name Vyre, which meant He Who Quiets, and used the Honorblade to join the Fused in the air.[16]


  • Though Moash's name is similar to Moshe Feder (Brandon's editor) it is not actually a cameo.[17]
  • Moash's eye color is initially (and erroneously) written as dark green in The Way of Kings. In Words of Radiance, his eyes are said to be brown. Peter Ahlstrom has confirmed that Moash's eyes are brown and that the first book is incorrect.[18]


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