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Abilities Fused, Cognitive Shadow
Groups Fused
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Humans are a poem. A song.

—Musings of El, on the first of the Final Ten Days[1]

El is a Fused on Roshar. El has no title and cannot hear the Rhythms.[2]

El has horns. At each rebirth, he removes his carapace and replaces it with metal. The metal heals and integrates into his body through a combination of Voidlight healing and his own, currently unknown, abilities.[2] El expresses an admiration for humans. He considers them strong,[3] intense,[4] determined,[5] brilliant,[6] and bright.[7] He studies human art forms, including writing his own ketek.[8] Other Fused are wary of crossing or complaining to him.[2]

At some point in the past, El suggested that humans should not be killed.[9] He instead wanted to unite all of Roshar under Fused rule for a future war.[10] As punishment, his Rhythms and title were stripped from him.[9] His former title is unknown, but it was later given to a human.[2] When El returned during the True Desolation, he began once again studying human art from the time he was on Braize. He particularly notes the way humans depict Fused as Voidbringers in the centuries before the True Desolation.[11][12] He wrote a ketek to celebrate the return of the Sibling.[8] El appears to have increased in favor when Taravangian killed Rayse and took up Odium. He likes that Taravangian was recently one of the humans that he admires.[13] He is given anti-Voidlight and kills Lezian to test that it works.[2]


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