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El by Irithyllians.jpeg
Abilities Fused
Titles Vyre (He Who Quiets) (formerly)[1][2]
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Humans are a poem. A song.

—Musings of El, on the first of the Final Ten Days[3]

El is a Fused on Roshar. El has no title and cannot hear the Rhythms.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

El has horns. At each rebirth, he removes his carapace and replaces it with metal. The metal heals and integrates into his body through a combination of Voidlight healing and his own, currently unknown, abilities.[2] El expresses an admiration for humans. He considers them strong,[4] intense,[5] determined,[6] brilliant,[7] and bright.[8] He studies human art forms, including writing his own ketek.[9] Other Fused, even one as powerful and dangerous as Lezian the Pursuer, are wary of crossing or complaining to him.[2] His name is derived from the same root as the term "Nahel".[10]


At some point in the past, El suggested that humans should not be killed.[11] He instead wanted to unite all of Roshar under Fused rule for a future war.[12] As punishment, his Rhythms and title were stripped from him.[11] Prior to this point, he had the title Vyre, which translates to He Who Quiets;[1][13] Lezian considers it disrespectful that this title was later given to a human, Moash, though El himself does not appear to be bothered by it.[2]

When El returned during the True Desolation, he began once again studying human art from the time he was on Braize. He particularly notes the way humans depict Fused as Voidbringers in the centuries before the True Desolation.[14][15] He wrote a ketek to celebrate the return of the Sibling.[9] El appears to have increased in favor when Taravangian killed Rayse and took up Odium. He likes that Taravangian was recently one of the humans that he admires.[16] After Lezian's death in Urithiru, Odium accelerates his return to give El a suitable subject for testing anti-Voidlight; El confirms its reported properties by using it to permanently kill Lezian.[2]


I look forward to ruling the humans.[17] I had my title and my rhythms stripped from me for daring insist they should not be killed, but should instead be reconditioned. Repurposed.[11] Humans are weapons. We singers revere Passion, do we not? How can we throw away such an excellent channeling of it?[18] I love their art. The way they depict us is divine, all red shades and black lines. We appear demonic and fearsome; they project all fear and terror upon us.[14] To humans, our very visages become symbols. You find echoes of it even in the art from centuries before this Return.[15] Watch them struggle. Witness their writhing, their refusal to surrender. Humans cling to the rocks with the vigor of any Rosharan vine.[19] Humans are a poem. A song.[3] For ones so soft, they are somehow strong.[4] For ones so varied, they are somehow intense.[5] For ones so lost, they are somehow determined.[6] For ones so confused, they are somehow brilliant.[7] For ones so tarnished, they are somehow bright.[8] Radiant.[20] And so I am not at all dissatisfied with recent events.[21] Roshar will be united in its service of the greater war.[12] And I will march proudly at the head of a human legion.[22] They should not be discarded, but helped to their potential. Their final Passions.[23] Yes, I look forward to ruling the humans.[24] Nearly as much as I look forward to serving you, newest Odium. Who was so recently one of them. You understand. And you are the one I’ve been waiting to worship.[16]

—Musings of El, on the first of the Final Ten Days


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