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Spouse Da
Descendants Moash (grandson)
Born c. 1091[1]
Died c. 1166[1]
Profession Silversmith
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

You should know about ... why I am the way I am. My grandparents were the only family I ever knew. Parents died when I was a child. Ana and Da, they raised me. The king ... he killed them.

—Moash, to Kaladin[1]

Ana is a silversmith from Kholinar on Roshar. She is Moash's grandmother.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Ana and her husband Da were of the second nahn, a high ranking in the caste systems of darkeyes. They ran their own silversmith shop in Kholinar,[2][3] and were considered important among darkeyes.[1] It is unclear if Ana was her given name or a nickname used by Moash.


Shortly after Ana and Da's grandson was born, both of his parents died. Ana and Da took him in and raised him; Da gave him the name Moash.[1][4] Moash grew into a large, confident youth. He came to feel out of place in Kholinar and he did not care to learn the silversmithing trade; his wanderlust led him to leave the city to work in caravans.[1][5] Ana and Da encouraged Moash to find his own way.[5]

Around 1166, while Moash was away, an imperious lighteyes named Toralin Roshone became frustrated that Ana and Da's silversmith shop provided competition to one of his own shops. Roshone had connections to then-crown prince Elhokar Kholin and appealed to him for a "favor".[2] With Gavilar and Dalinar away at the Shattered Plains, Elhokar foolishly acquiesced to his friends's request and had the couple jailed on trumped-up charges. However, Elhokar did not realize that high-ranking darkeyes were full citizens with a right to trial. He knew that if the case moved forward to the magistrates, his corrupt act would be exposed, so he left them in the dungeon and intentionally ignored their paperwork. Ana and Da, who were around seventy-five years old at the time, died in the palace dungeons still awaiting trial. Moash did not learn of their deaths until he returned from his caravan months later.[1]


When Dalinar returned from the Plains, he learned that Ana and Da had died because of Elhokar and Roshone's actions in what became a scandal known as the "Roshone affair". Dalinar argued for a relatively severe punishment, but Elhokar appealed to Gavilar for mercy, and Roshone was instead exiled from Kholinar to become the citylord of Hearthstone. Although Roshone was sent away so he "couldn't do any more harm", he antagonized the citizens of his new town, including Kaladin's family. Kaladin was outraged when he learned of the circumstances of Roshone's exile.[2]

Moash considered Ana and Da to be his only family, and believed their kindness got them killed. The pain of losing them shaped his personality and changed the trajectory of his life.[1][5] Rumors about the Roshone affair spread, and Moash directly blamed Elhokar for his grandparents' deaths.[6] His hatred of Elhokar caused him to participate in an assassination attempt that was narrowly thwarted by Kaladin.[6][7] He eventually took his vengeance on Elhokar, killing him during the Siege of Kholinar.[7] Moash also knew of Roshone's involvement in imprisoning his grandparents,[6] and later killed him as well.[8] Although Kaladin vehemently disagreed with Moash's quest for blood, he was sympathetic about the plight of Ana and Da, and thought about them on several occasions.[2]


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