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Leshwi by Jazzy-kandra.jpg
Abilities Fused, Cognitive Shadow
Groups Fused
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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What is your passionate fury, Moash, the man with an ancient singer's name?

—Leshwi to Moash[1]

Lady Leshwi is a singer and member of the Fused. She is instrumental in bringing Moash to Odium's side.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Leshwi has the seemingly rare physical trait of black, white, and red marbling on her face. Her eyes are ruby like and colored deep red. Little more can be said about her appearance since she, like all Fused, possesses another singer's body. While flying Leshwi wears a long red cape.[1]

She is one of the singer leaders during the Siege of Kholinar. In her view that is because she is one of the few fused who are still sane, but the flying type of Fused, like Leshwi, generally seemed to be in charge even among other Fused.[1] Moash thinks her place in the chain of command is closer to that of a field captain than a highprince.[2]

Passion is an important virtue to Leshwi.[1] This likely is related to the fact that Odium believes 'Passion' to be his intent.[3]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Leshwi is able to use Voidlight and is skilled with the Surge of Gravitation.[1][2] She doesn't heal from wounds like most Knights Radiant do.[4]

When Leshwi fights Moash she uses a long, curved Parshendi sword.[4] She is considered one of the better fighters among the Fused.[2]


When Moash, Graves, Febrth and Fia have set up a camp Leshwi and three other Fused attack them. Only Moash was able to stand ground against them, his companions were dead within seconds. Moash uses his shardblade to fight with Leshwi, but when she realises that Moash isn't well practiced with the sword she starts to attack more fiercely. She is surprised when Moash dismisses his shardblade, dashes away and picks up a spear. She then lashes Moash in the air, but he pulled her with him and kills Leshwi mid air by ramming a knife in her chest. Leshwi's companions take Moash captive after that.[4]

Later, during the Siege of Kholinar, Moash demands to speak to a Fused in charge, and he is brought to Leshwi. While hovering in the sky the two of them have a long conversation. Leshwi says that 'Moash' is a singer name and reveals to Moash that she is the one whom he killed before. Because Leshwi is impressed by Moash's passion she explains to him why the fused are at war with humankind. After this conversation she let Moash go as a free man, although Moash didn't leave.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Kholinar Leshwi visits Moash during his work of clearing rubble. She knows that he is curious why they are destroying the Kholinar Palace even more, but says that he will get to know why in due time (they were probably looking for Elhokar's cryptic[5]). Leshwi is pleased that Moash was content with that answer, and orders him to come up the palace because Hnanan had a request for him.

After Moash killed Jezrien at Hnanan's request Leshwi and eight other Fused come to him again. They offer him Jezrien's Honorblade, but Leshwi warns him that 'Moash' will be no more. Moash accepts this fate, and Leshwi gives him a new name: Vyre, He Who Quiets.[6]



Leshwi initially was angered at Moash because he managed to kill her so unexpectedly, but over time this anger was converted into admiration for Moash's passion. Leshwi is intrigued by Moash's motives, and he impresses her so much that she releases him. However, just before releasing him Leshwi told Moash to prove himself, and when he recalled this he voluntary returned to his parshmen crew, what seemed to be what Leshwi hoped he would do.[1]

Moash's assassinations of Elhokar and Jezrien seem to have boosted his and Leshwi's reputation among the Fused, and Hnanan expresses pride at Leshwi for picking out Moash.[2] Eventually the Fused hold Moash in such high regard that they give him Jezrien's Honorblade.[6]


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