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Spouse Mazish
Profession Stormsetter
Species Singer
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

Dul is a singer on Roshar.[1] A former parshman, he is a member of Venli's group of singers that wishes to be free of the Fused.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dul is a tall malen singer. His skin is red with small hints of black. In mediationform, he has an open face and smooth carapace.[2]

Dul is pragmatic, loyal, and trustworthy.[3] He also has a sense of humor.[2] He picked up a few human mannerisms and customs from his time as a parshman,[1][2] but he still speaks and hums to the old rhythms.[4] He fervently wants to escape the rule of the Fused, so much so that it can bring him to tears.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Dul is a common singer and is capable of bonding various spren within his gemheart to wear different forms. He wears the rarely seen mediationform, and it is implied that he uses other forms as well.[2]


During the War of Reckoning, Dul served as a parshman in Alethkar along with his mate, Mazish. He almost never spoke to his master. He once asked if he and Mazish could be married in the human tradition, as they followed certain Alethi customs; his request was angrily denied. After the coming of the Everstorm, Dul and Mazish's minds were awakened and they joined (or were conscripted into) Odium's forces. However, they soon became some of the first singers recruited by Venli to join her resistance movement.[2] The couple were able to get married after they were freed.[1]

Dul became a friend of Venli's and one of the most trusted members of her inner circle. He was able to gain the position of stormsetter for Leshwi's High Chamber in Kholinar.[1] He assisted Venli with her subterfuge and maintained some level of oversight of new recruits; he advised them on how to act around the Fused.[1][2] He was present when Shumin became Leshwi's assistant stormsetter, and subsequently attended a meeting with her in Venli's quarters. He lightly admonished Shumin for being inadequately prepared for Leshwi's tests.[1]

Dul and Mazish were presumably part of Venli's team that left Kholinar for Urithiru before the singers invaded the tower.[5] In Urithiru, Dul continued to work with Venli to try and figure out a way to escape the Fused. Although he seemed nearly demoralized at times, he continued doing whatever Venli needed him to do.[2] She was able to put him in charge of watching the fallen Knights Radiant after Raboniel's partial corruption of the tower's defenses. He continued to check in with Venli, and also hoarded supplies in anticipation of fleeing the Fused.[4][6]

Dul was among the team of fifteen singers that Venli planned to covertly evacuate to Kholinar before fleeing to the Shattered Plains.[3] After Leshwi's rebellion and the liberation of the tower, Dul presumably went to the Shattered Plains via Oathgate with the rest of Venli's objectors, seeking to join the other listeners.[7]


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