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Kholinar Palace

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Kholinar Palace
by Isaac Stewart
Usage Palace
City Kholinar
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Kholinar Palace is the seat of House Kholin, Kholin princedom and the nation of Alethkar.

The Palace is located in the northern Portion of the city of Kholinar, atop a plateau, and connected to the Monastery Dais by the Sunwalk.[1]

Palace Guard[edit]

This is the force tasked with the imitate protection of the palace and the royal family in the city.

Queen's Guard[edit]

The Queen's guard is a division of the Palace Guard that is tasked with the protection of Aesudan Kholin and Gavinor Kholin.

The Riots[edit]

After the Riots the queen recalls the city guard and the palace guard into the palace and anyone that enters the palace never returns. The Cult of moments Held Feasts in the Monastery Dais. A portion of the Guards resist The lure of the unmade and are locked in a room. While in the room they claim time seemed to pass differently for them, feeling it has only been a few days not a few weeks from the riots


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