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Cult of Moments

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Cult of Moments
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Cult of Moments is a group of fanatics in Kholinar.

They are influenced by the Unmade Ashertmarn into holding an endless party in the palace. They somewhat guard the Kholinar Oathgate.


They are spotted at several parades during the Kholinar chapters. They often dress up as morbid, deformed spren. They also moan frequently, putting anyone close enough on edge. They are also a powerful gang in Kholinar, seen as the elites among the gangs. They have a hierarchy of membership, from common follower, to parade participant, to one who feasts at the endless party. The further up the ranks, the stronger Ashertmarn's influence becomes. Eventually, everyone who joins the feast loses their sanity and revels with reckless abandon.

Shallan disguised as Veil attempts to grab attention from the cult by handing out food among the streets, along with the help of other illusionary Veils provided by Shallan's Lightweaving. After receiving an invitation to join the feast, Shallan is given a guide to watch over her. Slipping out of the guards watchful eye, Shallan moves among the revel, until she arrives at the Oathgate, corrupted by the Unmade.


The Cult of Moments have a very distinct culture and influence in Kholinar. They see the change of certain spren (brought on by Sja-Anat), and imitate them. They interpret the corruption via odd movements, unnerving moaning, and large costumes. These are often combined in a city parade. At the feast, the Cult of Moments forgets all of their worries or hesitation, and indulges the body to the fullest extent possible. This 'transformation' is powered by Ashertmarn. They keep tables full of food, rotted or not, to eat with their hands. Although it is possible to resist indulgence, many do not.


  • The Cult of Moments' name probably comes from the feast, where living from moment to moment is encouraged.
  • It is unknown whether or not the cult was in existence before the Unmade influenced Kholinar.


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