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Servant of Odium by Petar Penev.jpg
Abilities Splinter of Odium
Bonded With Aesudan (formerly), Amaram (formerly)
Titles Blightwind
Groups Unmade
Species Spren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Yelig-nar, called Blightwind, was one that could speak like a man, though often his voice was accompanied by the wails of those he consumed.

Traxil, line 33, from Jasnah's notebook[1]

Yelig-nar, also known as Blightwind, is one of the Unmade,[1] an ancient and terrible spren of Odium.[2] Unlike many of the Unmade, Yelig-nar does not appear to have a physical form, seemingly reliant on a bonding with a human[3] or singer, granting his host a variety of abilities.[4] Most recently, Yelig-nar joined with Meridas Amaram to fight in the Battle of Thaylen Field.[3] Exactly what level of intelligence Yelig-nar himself has is uncertain, as the people he bonds with appear to remain fully in control of themselves.[5]

Appearance and Abilities[edit]

Yelig-nar had great powers, perhaps the powers of all Surges compounded in one. He could transform any Voidbringer into an extremely dangerous enemy. Curiously, three legends I found mention swallowing a gemstone to engage this process.

—From Hessi’s Mythica, page 27[4]

Instead of having a specific physical appearance, Yelig-nar is capable of joining with people[5] or singers who swallow a gemstone.[4] This gemstone seems to serve as a housing for Yelig-nar,[3] although it is uncertain why the singers must swallow one, as they already have a gemheart.[6] It appears that the people who bond with Yelig-nar maintain their personality and memories,[5] at least initially, but they must control him if they do not wish to be consumed by him.[3]

In Shadesmar, Yelig-nar takes the form of a swirling figure of black smoke the size of a normal person.[7] When a person has swallowed a gemstone and bonds Yelig-nar, a dark smoke swirls around them.[8] Their eyes darken to a red color that occasionally shifts between specific shades such as crimson or a dark blood red.[5] They gradually grow carapace and amethyst crystals that glow with a deep violet light from all over their bodies, including their limbs and head. Eventually even the organs within the person's chest cavity will be replaced with an enormous amethyst overgrown with dark veins. The central amethyst in the torso is a weak spot for Yelig-nar; when it is damaged its glow will flicker. Once the amethyst sustains sufficient damage, it will explode. When the person Yelig-nar has bonded is killed, a dark smoke escapes from the corpse.

A bond with Yelig-nar grants a person the ability to make use of all ten Surges,[4] although it is unclear if he can grant Adhesion, as it is unusable by Fused. It is uncertain where the power source for these Surges comes from, but it is possible that Yelig-nar makes use of Voidlight. It also seems possible that Yelig-nar grants preternatural skills in combat, as Amaram fights seemingly impossibly gracefully with two Shardblades.[5]

According to mythology, Yelig-nar supposedly consumes souls, but it is unknown what this means.[9] It is possible that it simply refers to the people he bonds with, but it is uncertain if lasting damage is done to their souls. Yelig-nar consumes its victims entirely, like Nightblood, meaning they would not appear in Shadesmar before traveling to the Beyond upon dying.[10]


Yelig-nar's origin is unknown. It is uncertain when he came into being. Yelig-nar was involved in the past Desolations;[11] he once broke into Nohadon's chancery and killed all of Nohadon's scribes.[12] Following Aharietiam, Yelig-nar seems to have remained on Roshar, although any actions he may have taken are unknown. Yelig-nar was mentioned in a work of writing by Traxil that was often cited,[13] but some, including Jasnah Kholin, doubted its authenticity.[1]

If you wish for the promised power, ingest that—then try to control the one who follows. But be warned, the queen at Kholinar tried this, and the power consumed her.

Following the arrival of the Everstorm and the beginning of the True Desolation, Yelig-nar became active again. Alethi Queen Aesudan Kholin, inspired by her father-in-law Gavilar, began an investigation into the Unmade.[8] She successfully managed to bond Yelig-nar, beginning her transformation during the Siege of Kholinar during Kholinar Wall Guard's attack on the palace. She and her Queen's Guard followed Kaladin and Elhokar down into the eastern gallery of the palace, but she did not pursue them after Elhokar's death. However, Aesudan was not strong enough to control Yelig-nar and sometime afterward the power consumed her.[3]

During the Battle of Thaylen Field, Highlord Meridas Amaram swallowed an amethyst and bonded with Yelig-nar[5] in fulfillment of the promised power Odium had offered him.[3] He and some of the Fused fought Kaladin as Amaram transformed, growing amethyst crystals from his body.[5] Kaladin successfully managed to crack the gemstone that had replaced Amaram's heart, heavily injuring him and knocking him out of the battle for a time. Later, when Nergaoul was captured, Amaram confronted a heavily wounded Kaladin who had exhausted his Stormlight. Amaram nearly killed Kaladin with a Shardblade. However, Rock arrived in time to shoot Amaram in the head and chest with arrows from a grandbow, shattering Amaram's central amethyst, killing Amaram and separating Yelig-nar from his host.


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