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Profession Scholar
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Yelig-nar, called Blightwind, was one that could speak like a man, though often his voice was accompanied by the wails of those he consumed.

—A quote from Traxil's work[1]

Traxil is a scholar on Roshar known to have written about the Unmade and Yelig-nar. Jasnah Kholin doubted the authenticity of the source material.[1] Hessi disagreed with Jasnah's opinions, and endorsed the quote from Traxil.[2]

The Unmade were obviously fabrications of folklore. Curiously, most were not considered individuals, but instead personifications of kinds of destruction. This quote is from Traxil, line 33, considered a primary source, though I doubt its authenticity.

Jasnah's critique of the above quote.[1]

Traxil mentions Yelig-nar, named Blightwind, in an oft-cited quote. Though Jasnah Kholin has famously called its accuracy into question, I believe it.

Hessi discusses the above critique in Mythica.[2]


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