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Hey there. I'm Joe, one of the Coppermind's Synod, if you have any issues or problems, please feel free to question me on my talk page or on the chat. I'm ALWAYS on here >.>, proof.


Word lists[edit]

Alcatraz · Reckoners · Dreamer · HARRE · Shadows of Self · Bands of Mourning · Edgedancer · Oathbringer · Skyward

Article statuses[edit]

cosmere · Elantris · Emperor's Soul · Mistborn Era 1 (MAG) · Mistborn Era 2 · Stormlight (life · places · characters) · Warbreaker
Other series
Alcatraz · Legion · Reckoners · Rithmatist



An example of awards a user may be given to display on their user page. See /awards for reasons behind the awards and descriptions of when the awards were given.

0 User has contributed 30000 edits to the Coppermind.
5 User has been around for 5 years.
Copper (Feruchemy).svg A Keeper on the Coppermind.
Shash glyph.svg User has contributed art to the wiki.
Obviously these particular awards and their reasons are fairly contrived since I am one of the administrators. But we really hope our users will appreciate the awards we give out.