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This is a list of literature on the planet of Roshar.

Among the Darkeyed by Calinam
mentions Oathgates[1]
Analetics by Corvana
includes the chants of the Vanrial.[2]
The Arguments
part of the doctrine of Vorinism[3]
Arts and Majesty
foundation of the Vorin division of masculine and feminine arts[4]

Biographies of Gavilar by Jasnah,[5] and Tifandor.[6]
King Gavilar Kholin by Navani[6]

tale of Derethil and the Wandersail
Famous historical work on political theory.[7]

Emperor by Ixsix
A philosophy text examining the interactions of the five Vorin kingdoms since the Heirocracy[9]

tale of Fleet
who ran ahead of a Highstorm[citation needed]

Incarnate by Guvlow
The Iviad

Lilting Adrene
A popular ballad in Alethkar.[12]

Nearer the Flame
A novel from the viewpoint of a man going mad after seeing his children starve[13]

Palates of Personality
The Poem of Ista
The Poem of the Seventh Morning

books of Seld
at least 14 volumes[16]
Shadows Remembered
children's tales, mentions voidbringers[17][7][18]
Sleep My Baby Dear
lullaby know to House Davar[19]
The Song of the Last Summer

Tales by Hearthlight by Innia
a book of children's folktales.[15][21]
Times and Passage by Rencalt
A single volume history of Roshar since the Heirocracy[9]
Topics by Barlesha Lhan
'A popular survey of historical events at best'[12]
theory of the three realms by Gavarah

The Vavibrar

The Way of Kings by Nohadon
A collection of parables and stories teaching the reader how to lead people honorably[23]