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This article is a list of the engagements which comprise the War of Reckoning. They span from the Assassination of King Gavilar Kholin in Tanat ? 1167[citation needed] to the Battle of Narak and the release of the Everstorm on Ishishach 1173.[1]

Jofwu's Notes[edit]

Battle of Betabatach 1173
Kaladin's first bridge run[2]
Battle of Kakahach 1173
Side carry disaster at the Tower[3]
Battle of Kakabach 1173
First bridge run after Kaladin recovers.[4]
Chasmfiend hunt of Kakabach 1173
Chasmfiend hunt where Elhokar nearly dies.[5]
Battle of Kaktach 1173
Sadeas attends. Dalinar experiences Thrill sickness. Dalinar salutes Eshonai after battle.[6]
Battle of Kakishes 1173
Bridge run. Dunny dies.[7]
Battle of Tanateses 1173
First time Dalinar and Sadeas team up. Kaladin recovers spheres beneath bridge.[8]
Battle of Tanatesach 1173
Joint assault. Dalinar saves Sadeas.[9]
Battle of Tanataches 1173
Maps dies. Kaladin realizes afterward that he is Surgebinding.[10]
Battle of Tanatevev 1173
Kaladin uses Parshendi bone armor the first time.[11]
Battle of the Tower (Tanataches 1173)
Sadeas betrays Dalinar. Bridge Four saves the Kholins.[12]
Battle of Tanatakev 1173
Dalinar joins Aladar.[13]
Truce of Ishevan 1173
Right to call it a truce?
Adolin, acting as Dalinar, meets with Eshonai.[14]
Expedition of Ishakach 1173
Dalinar scouts towards the center of the Shattered Plains. Assassination attempt.[15]
Battle of Narak (Ishishach 1173)
The Alethi are victorious but the Everstorm is summoned. The Vengeance Pact is considered fulfilled.[16]
The armies leave the warcamps on Ishakah 1173.
Note there are minor skirmishes leading up to this battle, starting about 4 days prior.

Joe's Notes[edit]

Failed Chasmfiend hunt.
Kholin lead skirmishes
Battle of 1173 <date>
Sadeas attends, Dalinar salutes Eshonai post-battle[6]
Bridge Four bridgeruns
Battle of 1173 <date>
Kaladin's first run
Battle of the Side Carry - 1173 <date>
Battle of the Parshendi armor - 1173 <date>
at the tower?
Battle of 1173 <date>
Dalinar and Sadeas team up[9], Maps dies[10]
Battle of the Tower - 1173 Tanatashev?[17]
Kaladin rescues Kholin army[18]++
Highprince of War arc
Battles of 1173 <date>
various coordinated gemheart hunts
Battle of Narak

Bridge Four[edit]

Kholin Army[edit]

Highprince of War arc[edit]