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Obscurities from The Well of Ascension[edit]

The Hero of Ages won't be Terris, by Helenntion, the last survivor of the Council of Khlennium

There was much talk of the Rabzeen during those days. Some said he would come to fight the Conqueror. Others said he was the Conqueror. Helenntion didn't make his thoughts on the matter known to me. The Rabzeen is said to be "He who is not of his people, yet fulfils all of their wishes." If this is the case, then perhaps the Conqueror is the one. He is said to have been of Khlennium.

It wasn't until later that I became convinced that he was the Hero of Ages. Hero of Ages: the one called Rabzeen in Khlennium, The Anamnesor. ...

—excerpt from Kwaan's writing?[1]

Treatise Metallurgic cover[edit]

Hemalurgy, holiest of holy powers. By The LORD RULER, who shall live forever, God over men. Let not the knowledge of these sacred pages pass beyond the ministers, who dwell within his house, by his Holy Grace Unending.

Hemalurgy is by greater by far than the lesser powers of allomancy or the barbarian powers of feruchemy, for it is the sum of both and more. Once granted unto the blessed of STEEL, they shall be forever changed.

Grant strength taken from humans.
Grant a physical power of Allomancy.
Enhance the human senses.
Grant a physical power of Feruchemy.
Enhance emotional fortitude.
Grant a mental power of Feruchemy
Enhance memory and intelligence.
Grant a mental power of Allomancy.
Grant a power of temporal Allomancy.
Enhance a power of Allomancy.

Though you strike out their eyes, they shall see the hearts of men.
For those who would truly serve His Grace, there shall ever be three of Steel to mark them. Two shall bend their sight, and one shall bend their soul. Let the sacred spike of blessed metal pierce the heart of the sacrifice, to consume the soul and power. Thus prepared, the spike is thrust into the body and blood of the chosen by the Lord Ruler to receive his benediction.

—translated by valkynphyre[2]

Metal alphabet[edit]

Letter Metal Symbol Number
Lerasium.svg A lerasium 23
Iron.svg B iron 1
Allomancy 20 (Final Empire).svg Ch unnamed[3] 20
Copper.svg D copper 7
Tin.svg [EI]+ tin 3
Malatium.svg F/ph malatium 10
Cadmium.svg G cadmium 17
Allomancy 21 (Final Empire).svg H unnamed[4] 21
Bendalloy.svg K sound bendalloy 18
Zinc.svg L zinc 5
Gold.svg M gold 11
Electrum.svg N electrum 12
Pewter.svg [OU]+ pewter 4
Steel.svg P steel 2
Brass.svg R brass 6
Duralumin.svg S duralumin 16
Allomancy 22 (Final Empire).svg Sh unnamed[5] 22
Bronze.svg T bronze 8
Atium.svg V atium 9
Chromium.svg W chromium 13
Nicrosil.svg Y nicrosil 14

Tin and pewter use their dots to differentiate between E/I and O/U by the The Alloy of Law era. Symbols relating to J (maybe G), Q (KW), X (EKS), or Z are yet to be identified. The letters represented by Aluminum.svg and Allomancy 19 (Final Empire).svg are unknown.