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This page lists awards and achievements that have been given to User: Fbstj for their contributions to the Coppermind.

Awards and reasons
Copper (Book 3).svg A member of the Synod on the Coppermind.
Joe wrestles with the MediaWiki software to make editing easier for everyone.
Copper (Feruchemy).svg A Keeper on the Coppermind.
10 User has been around for 10 years.
5K User has contributed 5000 edits to the Coppermind.
1M User has contributed 1000000 bytes to the Coppermind.
Obviously these particular awards and their reasons are fairly contrived since I am one of the administrators. But we really hope our users will appreciate the awards we give out.

The following are examples for other possible awards:

  • making one (or more) articles complete mostly by themselves
  • making one (or more) articles exemplary mostly by themselves
  • adding lots of references to articles
  • adding lots of new WoB or facts from books to lots of articles???
  • collaborating with other editors in such a way as to make an awesome (set of) article(s)
  • consistently doing a great job of improving older articles
  • doing a great job of adding new articles when a new book is released
  • an award for getting permissions and uploading art and/or fitting it into articles and/or including all the correct source information (this could just be the references award? tailored towards art?)
  • lots of good edits in a short amount of time, like a concentrated effort into producing a bunch of amazing contributions
  • competition participation awards, for various things we may run in the future
  • a summariser award for those who do chapter summaries
  • a characterizer award for those who write the long character pages

what else???