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Shattered Plains

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Shattered Plains
Shattered Plains.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
Occupied by Alethkar
Region Unclaimed Hills
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Shattered Plains are located on the border of the Frostlands and Unclaimed Hills, formerly part of the Silver Kingdom of Natanatan.[1][2] They are aptly named, as the terrain of the Plains consists of huge numbers of plateaus of various sizes, surrounded on all sides by deep chasms. It is unknown what caused the landscape to form this way, but during Kaladin's dream he saw the entire area as a symmetrical pattern, radiating outwards from the center as if something massive had struck there.[3]


Only the western portion of the Plains have been explored. The westernmost edge is ringed by ten circular valleys.[4] Each valley's ridges have been worn away by Highstorms where they connect to the Shattered Plains themselves.[5]

The edge of the Plains consist of smaller plateaus with chasms ranging generally from 50 to 150 feet in depth which can be easily bridged, and many permanent bridges have been constructed joining them together. Moving eastward, the Plains become much more varied in size and the chasms themselves can become much wider making crossing from one to another much more challenging.[6]

On the eastern side of the explored portion of the Plains is a particularly large plateau known as "the Tower" for unknown reasons. The Tower is a favorite place for Chasmfiends to pupate.[7]

It is noted that Highstorms are particularly bad on the Shattered Plains, as there is no shelter on top of the plateaus, and the chasms often flood. This, added to the Plains being eastern, where the Highstorms are strongest, is the reason the Plains are not the optimal place to experience a Highstorm outdoors.

Some accounts describe the Plains as looking as if something enormous had struck the center causing the Plains fracturing to radiate somewhat symmetrically in all directions. Claims of lights in the center plateau were the parshendi live have also been recorded.[3]


The only known permanent inhabitants of the Shattered Plains are the Parshendi. The ten valleys are currently occupied by various Alethi armies fighting the Parshendi under the Vengeance Pact. The Plains and the surrounding area are so barren that the warcamps are perhaps the only places where it is acceptable to pile refuse up high and allow the highstorm to carry it away, as there is no danger of the trash being carried into another city.[8]

Parshendi nation[edit]

The Parshendi are residing in the ruins of Stormseat, which they call Narak.


The Alethi have occupied one side of the Plains and constructed ten warcamps and a palace and township in the surrounding foothills.

The warcamps were evacuated and abandoned after the Battle of Narak, their occupants either moving to Urithiru or disappearing into the Unclaimed Hills.

The princedoms from east to west:


It is known as one of the least ordered and respectable warcamps, as opposed to the well-maintained and designed Kholin warcamp.


Dalinar and Renarin Kholin are nearly stranded in Aladar warcamp during a highstorm.[9]


A very orderly camp. Most soldiers are in uniforms, and they take pride in being in this camp.


It is a very technologically advanced camp for the area. It has running water, although muddy water will run for the first few seconds. Highprince Sebarial's goal is to become the only camp that produces food and utilities and have a monopoly. His camp is dedicated less to the training of military and more to the production of resources.

Shallan Davar stays with Highprince Sebarial.[10] She is very impressed by the situation of the camp, as it does not reflect what Jasnah reported.


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