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Stormseat Mosaic.jpeg
by Isaac Stewart
Nation Natanatan
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Stormseat is the capital city of the Silver Kingdom of Natanatan on Roshar.[1] It is believed to have been destroyed during Aharietiam.[2]

Following the Assassination of King Gavilar Kholin of Alethkar, the Parshendi retreated to the ruins of Stormseat, which they renamed Narak (Alethi pronunciation: [naɹˈɑːk] nar-AHK)[3], meaning "exile" in their language, as it is the place where they had become separated from their gods. It either is the central plateau or sits atop the central plateau of the Shattered Plains and was once the largest city on the Shattered Plains.[4]

All that remains of the original city during the War of Reckoning is ruins buried beneath layers of crem, described by Eshonai as "ruins of ruins."[4]

Listener construction in Narak includes a watering square -- a pool sculpted from crem by nimbleforms for catching rain from the riddens of a highstorm -- and the Hall of Art. The Listener structures are typically made of shell frames covered with hardened crem, and built in the leeward shadows of stone. The Listeners have also adapted one of the few surviving structures, a large tower at the center of the city, encased in crem with a flat top as a meeting place for the Council of Five, carving steps running around the outside and installing a chain on the steps for safety. Though it is the Council of Five's meeting place, the flat top of the tower is kept bare. [4][5]


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