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Axehound by Shallan.jpg
Type Animal
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Axehounds are animals native to Roshar that fill a similar niche as dogs do on Earth. They have been domesticated, but there are also still wild axehounds.

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Axehounds are hexapedal creatures with a smooth hide that is a cross between skin and carapace. It is more flexible than true carapace, but, like carapace, is formed of interlocking sections. They have a fluting fish-like tail. Axehounds have a pair of feather-like antennae positioned on the top of their heads which they can move as a form of communication. The antennae are implied to be sensitive, with Axehound often bellowing when they get their antenna twisted.[1] They have ear holes slightly further back on the sides of their heads. Axehounds have a main jaw as well as a pair of outer mandibles that they use to break into the shells of their prey. Much like other species on Roshar, such as Chasmfiends, their blood is violet.[2][3][4]

There are a wide variety of breeds of axehounds. The largest come up to a man's waist while the smallest can easily hide in the underbrush of a lait. Smaller breeds of axehounds tend to be very fast.[3][5][6]

Axehounds around the Purelake are very different from Alethi Axehounds, to the extent of being considered like different species. The exact differences are unknown, but significant.[5]

Axehounds have very small gemhearts.[7]


Wild axehounds are social creatures who live and hunt in groups.[8] Female axehounds are attentive mothers who actively protect their pups.[9]

Axehounds are predators willing to prey on everything from songlings to hogs.[3]

The axehound call consists of two voices that overlap and echo with one another and is referred to as "trumping".[3] When an axehound is content, their trumping can sound like a hum,[10] but when angered or in pain, it is more of a bellow.[1]


Axehounds are kept and bred as pets across Roshar, though different breeds are popular in different regions.[5]

Axehound fighting and the accompanying betting culture is popular in some areas. There are axehound fights at the Middlefest Fair that the Davar family attends in Jah Keved. Axehounds are also involved in organized hunts.[4]

Cultural References[edit]


...bellowing like an axehound whose antenna had been twisted.


...You'd have me slink home like a scolded axehound?

[11] pet axehounds nipping at their master's heels.


...He settled down like a trumping axehound, perfectly content.


Then he zipped up to join her, eager as an axehound puppy.


The Kholin boys are chained axehounds, and we smell blood.


...looking down longingly, like axehounds contemplating the food on the master’s table.


They didn’t hold ground well; they had broken into roving bands, like axehound packs, loping through the city and looking for contests.


Notable Axehounds[edit]


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