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Crem is part of the heavy rains that come with a highstorm on Roshar. However, the lighter rainfall during the Weeping does not drop crem. [1] Crem is light brown.[2] It is like a sediment.[3]

When crem is ingested it can cause sickness; however, waiting a day before consumption will allow the crem to settle to the bottom and clean water can be safely drank from the top.[4]

Crem is used in pottery making.[4] The people of Sesemalex Dar are renown for their expert crem pottery.[5]

It is used when deworming fields to close the holes after removing worms,[4] so that no new worms could infest the field again.

Throughout Rosharian history farmhouses are built of crembricks.[6] Shallan Davar considers if the buildings of Kharbranth were made of crem.[7] When the Parshendi are discovered by King Gavilar and his brother Dalinar it is observed that they made simple buildings of crem and stone.[8]

A problem of crem is that the rainwater deposits stalactite-like pendants of rock on the edges of roofs. Maintenance is required to clean them off regularly for avoiding roofs collapse.[9]

Crem is used as a derogatory term, i.e. "The crem of an army." or "one cremstained mark."[10]


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