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by Ashley Coad
Spouse Demid
Parents Mother
Siblings Eshonai
Abilities Willshaper
Bonded With Timbre
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Venli is a Parshendi scholar in Narak during the War of Reckoning. She is Eshonai's sister and was partners with Demid during their time as both mateform and nimbleform. She is a Knight Radiant bonded to Timbre.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is slender, with a thin face and red and white marbled skin. She wears her hair long, down to her waist, where it is kept tied in three places. Her eyes are dark and glassy like all Listeners, as well as being keen and appearing violet in the right light. She utilizes nimbleform as a substitute for the undiscovered scholarform.[1] She often smiles while wearing stormform.[2]

She is ambitious, but she cares about her people. Her sister's death causes her to regret her ambition and participation in summoning the Everstorm.


After the Parshendi first made contact with humans, Venli created a written script for the Parshendi, recognizing the value of recording information on paper. She also discovered nimbleform alongside her team of scholars.[1]

She researches new forms and believes that she is close to discovering some. She deceives Eshonai, leading her to believe that she is trying to discover artform or meditationform when she discovers the stormform. She later advocates trying stormform in an attempt to destroy the Alethi and win the war despite the dangers of the form, opting to ignore them.[1][3][4] She identifies the captured stormspren as the spren required to adopt stormform, with the secret help of the Voidspren named Ulim. She quickly grows irritated when Eshonai offers to test stormform herself, believing that she is attempting to steal the glory of the discovery from her. She also believes that Eshonai does not trust her.[3] Under stormform, when Eshonai begins to convert the Parshendi people to stormform, Venli reacts badly, believing that the strategy is too aggressive and abrupt to work. She also plans to attempt to seize control from her sister and is the one to suggest killing the Parshendi who refuse to adopt stormform.[4]

by taratjah Venli and her two spren

After the Everstorm is created, Venli is led by Ulim to find her sister. Assuming this means Eshonai is still alive, she is heartbroken when she finds Eshonai's dead body. For the first time since gaining Stormform, she is able to attune one of the Old Rhythms, the Rhythm of the Lost. Her team retrieves Eshonai's shardplate, and as Venli grabs the shardblade, she spots a strange spren coming out from under Eshonai's body.[5]

Nine Parshendi are chosen to receive new forms, Venli and Demid among them. In the Everstorm, the Fused replace each of their souls – except for Venli, who is protected from the change by Odium himself, who has a purpose for her. She instead gains a different form of power. She then spots the spren she saw on Eshonai, and hides it from being destroyed by the Fused. [6]

Venli uses her new form, Envoyform, to tell her tale and convince people to join Odium's cause. She is brought to Kholinar to continue, while she spends more time with her spren- called Timbre. During the Everstorm, she is reprimanded by Odium for not telling her story well enough. She mourns not being like her sister, and her own ambition. [7]

Dalinar is informed of there being a Singer who has some Honor. Venli and Timbre are brought into one of the Visions. Dalinar attempts to negotiate, but Venli refuses. Odium begins ripping into the vision, and Dalinar lets her out before she is caught by Odium. [8] Venli is taken to Marat to continue telling her story, and then boards ships to invade Thaylenah. [9] Venli acts as a translator during the battle of Thaylenah. [10] She witnesses Dalinar's struggle and creeps away from the battlefield. As she does so, she realizes she can be a better person, and swears the First Ideal. A Fused surprises her and checks her for spren, but finds nothing-- Timbre has entered her Gemheart and captured the Voidspren she had bonded earlier, allowing her to remain disguised despite now being a budding Knight Radiant. She is very likely to be a Willshaper. [11]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Venli is a Knight Radiant of the order of the Willshapers, but also has an imprisoned voidspren in her gemheart. She can breathe in Stormlight and switch her eyes from red to normal at will.[11][expand]


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