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Type Animal
Native to Aimia
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Larkin are small, highly-valued, flying crustacean animals native to Aimia on Roshar. They have been a critically-endangered species since the scouring of Aimia.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Larkin are generally between a hand and a small melon in size.[1] They are somewhat similar to cremlings in appearance, although, unlike the cremlings' crabbish faces, the larkin have small faces, like those of axehounds, with a snout, mouth, and shimmering eyes of solid silver, as well as wings that fold out of their backs. Their wings are strong enough that they can fly, at least short distances.[1][2][3]

Larkin may have some sort of special connection to the Tai-na; Vstim says that Chiri-Chiri is given to Rysn by Relu-na itself.[2] They are also very closely related to lanceryn.[4]

Feeding on Investiture[edit]

The most outstanding feature of larkin is their ability to feed on Investiture (commonly Stormlight, as they originate from Roshar). This ability is related to both Leechers and Nightblood.[5] They can suck Stormlight out of Surgebinders and Shardplate at will, causing the Light to stream visibly through the air and into the larkin's mouth.[3][6] Larkin can also eat Stormlight that has been stored in gems and drain the Voidlight from a Fused. After absorbing a large amount of Stormlight from the King's Drop, Chiri-Chiri becomes noticeably bigger.[7] Since larkin feed on Investiture, they are incapable of pushing it into people.[8]

A larkin would be able to prevent someone from becoming Returned by ingesting the Divine Breath as it attempted to enter the person.[9] Larkins could also kill a Returned by feeding on all of their Investiture.[10]


Since the scouring of Aimia, larkin have become extremely rare[1], but are not totally unknown; Shallan thinks of the phrase "rare as a larkin" when she has a moment of freedom[11] and kings are willing to pay fortunes for their corpses.[2]

The larkin are associated with the Knights Radiant, though the specifics of their connection remain a mystery.[12] One effect of this connection is possibly that Surgebinders can sense a larkin's mood.[3]

Notable Examples[edit]

  • Elhokar Kholin has the corpse of a larkin trapped inside a block of crystal to use as a paperweight in his conference room in the Pinnacle.[13]
  • Vstim trades a considerable quantity of goods for the corpse of a larkin.[2]
  • Rysn is given a live larkin by Relu-na.[2] She names it Chiri-Chiri.[7]
  • Nale uses one to drain Lift of Stormlight while attempting to capture her.[3]
  • Kaza briefly encounters a creature that fits the description of a larkin in its native Aimia.[14]



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