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Type Animal
Native to Aimia
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Larkin are highly valued small flying crustacean animals native to Aimia on Roshar. They have been a critically endangered species since the scouring of Aimia.[1]

Appearance Anatomy[edit]

The size of a larkin ranges between the size of a hand and a small melon.[1] They are somewhat similar to cremlings in appearance, although, unlike the cremlings' crabbish face, the larkin have a small face, like that of an axehound, with a snout, mouth, and shimmering eyes of solid silver, as well as wings that folded out of their backs. Their wings are strong enough that they can fly, at least in small distances.[2][3]

The most outstanding feature of a larkin is its ability to suck Stormlight out of a Surgebinder at will. The Stormlight can be seen streaming from the Surgebinder towards the larkin's mouth as it is drinking in the Stormlight. It is unknown if the larkin can suck Stormlight only from a Surgebinder or if the Surgebinder can resist the larkin.[3]


The larkin are associated with the Knights Radiant, though the specifics of their connection remain a mystery.[4] One effect of this connection is possibly that Surgebinders can sense a larkin's mood.[3]



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