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King's Drop

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King's Drop
Type perfect gemstone (Ruby)
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The King's Drop is a perfect ruby gemstone stored in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve. It is unknown if the king's drop might be a modern name for the ruby Honor's Drop mentioned in the Gemstone archive.


The King's Drop is rumored to be a piece of the Stone of Ten Dawns. At some point the King's Drop was placed in the custody of the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve. It has stayed locked within the queen's personal vault inside the reserve for over 200 years, glowing with Stormlight the whole time without needing to be refilled.[1]

When Vstim visits the Reserve for an audit, just before the expected attack, he and Rysn open the queen's personal vault and look at the ruby as it glows brightly. During the audit, a Voidbinding assassin attacks and attempts to steal the gem. The assassin is prevented from escaping with it when Rysn's pet larkin, Chiri-Chiri, consumes the Stormlight from the gem and the thief's Voidlight.[1] Rysn then takes the now dun ruby and flees the reserve with a wounded Vstim. After the thunderclast destroys the Reserve[2] searching for the ruby, it attacks the fleeing Rysn. The ruby is taken from Rysn and given to a Fused, who is then chased by Lift and Szeth.[3] After an extended game of keep away, Lift eventually delivers it to Dalinar. He uses it to trap Nergaoul, the Unmade responsible for the Thrill.[4]

After the battle, Dalinar gives Navani the gem for her to determine how the gem traps the Unmade.[5] Presumably it is now stored in Urithiru with Nergaoul trapped inside.


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