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Elhokar Kholin

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Elhokar Kholin
by User: Khal
House Kholin
Parents Gavilar, Navani
Siblings Jasnah
Spouse Aesudan
Relatives Dalinar, Adolin, Renarin
Born 1147
Abilities Shardbearer
Titles King of Alethkar
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Elhokar Kholin is the king of Alethkar directly following his father Gavilar.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Elhokar has light green eyes.[fn 1] He keeps himself clean-shaven. His face is "almost too handsome" with full lips, a broad forehead, and a firm chin. He bears a resemblance to his father, though Elhokar has fewer scars than Gavilar did. [2]

Elhokar suffers from a deep paranoia and fear of assassins, especially after his father is killed. Because of his suspicious nature, he wears his Shardplate far more often than other Shardbearers. He dislikes people mentioning his father, believing correctly that the Alethi often compare him unfavorably to Gavilar.

Despite his own uncertainty in his ability to rule, Elhokar is capable of making decisive action and manages to control the Highprinces, if just barely. He is also a capable warrior, despite being easily defeated by his uncle. His wife Aesudan[3] manages the kingdom in his absence.


Elhokar mainly serves as an unwitting obstacle to Dalinar as his uncle attempted to unite the Highprinces. Elhokar's father and the former King of Alethkar, Gavilar was assassinated by Szeth, prompting the ten Alethi Highprinces to declare war on the Parshendi under the Vengeance Pact, after they claimed responsibility for the assassination. Due to Elhokar's youth and paranoia his ability to rule was questioned by those under his rule and he maintained a weakened authority over the ten Highprinces. The King's paranoia stemmed from the assassination of his father and he feared that he would meet the same fate,[2] although he overcompensated on the battlefield and often acted recklessly to the dismay of his family and guards.[2] This paranoia was furthered by his ability to see strange creatures (possibly truthspren) in mirrors.[4] Due to this ability it is theorized that Elhokar could become a Soulcaster like Jasnah and Shallan Davar, and be able to Soulcast without the use of a fabrial.

Elhokar's deep fear of assassination caused him to fake an assassination attempt on his own life by cutting the girth strap on his saddle,[5][6] in order to trigger an investigation on those who wish him dead. Although this rash action placed suspicion on his uncle Dalinar, this method did yield results as it was found that weakened gemstones were placed in his Shardplate by a yet unknown individual.[7]

He was almost assassinated by Moash and Graves on multiple occasions. When Moash comes into the palace to kill Elhokar, he is saved by Kaladin who then speaks the third ideal of the Windrunners.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As aforementioned, it is theorized that Elhokar could become an innate Soulcaster, one who does not require the use of a fabrial in order to Soulcast.

I see their faces in mirrors. Symbols, twisted, inhuman
— Elhokar Kholin[4]

This seems very similar to the apparitions that Shallan observes in her drawings.

a figure with a sharp, angular symbol hovering above its collar instead of a head
— Shallan Davar[8]

As these "cryptics" are linked with Shallan's ability to Soulcast, it seems likely that Elhokar could have the potential to gain the same abilities.


Elhokar is a Shardbearer, with both a Shardblade and Shardplate. His Shardblade is called Sunraiser[5] and is long and thin with a large crossguard. It is etched with the ten basic glyphs up the sides of the blade.[2]

He also owns several additional sets of Plate and Blade, that are often loaned out. His father's Shardplate and Shardblade, Firestorm, are among these.[9][10]


Preceded by
Gavilar Kholin
King of Alethkar
Succeeded by
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  1. In The Way of Kings Elhokar is described as having yellow eyes. For Words of Radiance however Brandon changes them to green, so that they would match the color of Gavilar's to emphasize the family resemblance between father and son.
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