The Way of Kings Prime

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The Way of Kings Prime
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The Way of Kings Prime is the original draft of The Way of Kings written in 2002. It is the thirteenth novel Brandon Sanderson wrote and the last he wrote before being published.[1]

Differences from the published version[edit]

  • Kaladin was known as "Merin"
  • Kaladin accepts the Shards at the beginning of the novel, instead of refusing them, and the story is about him becoming a Shardbearer.
  • Szeth was known as "Jek"
  • Jasnah Kholin was also a main view-point character
  • Vasher made an appearance
  • Shallan did not exist
  • Spren were not a part of Roshar yet
  • The Diagram was written by Renarin Kholin.[2]


  • A sequence of six chapters from The Way of Kings Prime is included in the Altered Perceptions Anthology.
  • Dalinar Kholin was the first character Brandon Sanderson ever wrote when he was 15 years old. What he originally had in mind was a King (Elhokar) who is terrible at leading and the King's uncle not knowing whether to take charge or not.


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