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Chapter 23: Assassin[edit]

Chapter 23: Assassin
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 22: Lights in the Storm
Precedes Chapter 24: Tyn
Viewpoint Kaladin

Nightform predicting what will be,
The form of shadows, mind to foresee.
As the gods did leave, the nightform whispered.
A new storm will come, someday to break.
A new storm a new world to make.
A new storm a new path to take, nightform listens.

—From the listener Song of Secrets, 17th stanza

Mentioned only
Plot summary
Tanatishes 1173

Kaladin returns to the king's quarters to find that everyone is ok and that there is no pending danger. Kaladin and Moash go out to the balcony and find one of the railings torn loose where Elhokar had leaned on it and almost fallen to his death, barely being rescued by a guard. Kaladin finds a joint that had been cut clean through and discusses his findings privately with Dalinar. Kaladin says this was an incompetent or cowardly attempt on the king's life, and that the cut was made by a shardblade which helps them narrow down the possible suspects. Dalinar says it must be an inside job, and puts Kaladin in charge of guarding Elhokar effective immediately. Kaladin hears Elhokar's complaints about not being protected adequately and thinks the king does not display proper composure, then decides that he should focus on guarding the king and not on judging him.


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