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Profession King's Guard
Groups Kholin army, King's Guard
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Words of Radiance

Idrin is the head of the King's Guard on the Shattered Plains[1] prior to Kaladin assuming its command.[2] After an assassination attempt on King Elhokar, Idrin is reassigned to serve in Dalinar's army.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Idrin has darker skin than most of the Alethi, possibly due to some Azish or other Makabaki ancestry.[1] He has light green eyes, and wears a full beard. Idrin stands with a straight back,[1] and becomes notably red-faced when angered.[2]

Idrin is a stoic man, who remains non-reactive even in the face of insult.[1] However, despite his calm temperament, he grows angry when the king claims Idrin was negligent in guarding him.[2] He is an excellent commander and runs the King's Guard well during his time at its head.[1] However, Idrin would prefer to fight on the Shattered Plains instead of guard the King, as he is very loyal to both Dalinar and his army and wants to prove that both are still strong even after their crushing defeat.


Idrin was assigned by Highprince Dalinar Kholin to serve as the head of King Elhokar Kholin's guard.[1] He was a trusted guardsman, allowed to sit in on private meetings. After the Battle of the Tower in 1173, Idrin became discontent with guarding the king. He wished to be on the Shattered Plains, fighting the Listeners and proving that the Kholin army was still strong, even after their betrayal by Highprince Torol Sadeas. Dalinar began to work Kaladin and his men into the guard rotation on the king, hoping to eventually put Bridge Four in charge of guarding the king.[3] Idrin met Kaladin a number of times while Kaladin was guarding Dalinar.[1]

Idrin was guarding the king when Elhokar nearly fell hundreds of feet by leaning on a balcony railing that had been weakened in an attempt to assassinate the king.[2] Elhokar was furious at Idrin, claiming that it would not have happened if Kaladin had been guarding him. Idrin was angered by the king's words and left the room in a rage. In response to this assassination attempt, Dalinar reassigned Idrin to a new post in the army, so that Elhokar's anger would be assuaged. However, Dalinar privately felt that Idrin was not at fault for failing to prevent the assassination attempt and refused to reprimand the man. Idrin was likely happier in this new position fighting the Parshendi.


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