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World Roshar
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Thunderclasts are beasts from the times of the Desolations.[1]

Thunderclasts are enormous stone beasts, with things that resemble ribs. They seem to be skeletal in shape, with long limbs. They have red eyes with an arrow-like head. The hand of the beast is about six feet tall.[1]

Thunderclasts seem to rip themselves free of stone during fighting at the most recent Last Desolation.

In one of his visions, Dalinar oversaw the battlefield and described creatures that could also have been Thunderclasts.

Those aren’t stones. They’re creatures. Massive creatures, easily five or six times the size of a person, their skin dull and grey like granite. They had long limbs and skeletal bodies, the forelegs--or were they arms?--set into wide shoulders. The faces were lean, narrow. Arrowlike.
—Dalinar's observation when he saw the aftermath of a desolation during Nohadon's time[2]

In another vision, Dalinar sees a Thunderclast created, as a hostile spren plunges into the bed of the Purelake and animates a thunderclast, allowing it to tear itself free from the surrounding stone.[3]

In the Battle of Thaylen Field a Thunderclast is created from a spren going into the ground and animating a certain part of it.


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