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Died Nanishi 1174[1]
Species Thunderclast
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Yushah is a thunderclast that participates in the Battle of Thaylen Field on Roshar in 1174.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Venli observes Yushah's spirit in the Cognitive Realm, describing it as the size of a building and twisted to the point of being unrecognizable as a singer.[3] Her body manifests in the Physical Realm as a towering monster that resembles a skeleton made of stone, with arms as long as her body and hands that resemble hooks or spikes.[4][2] Like other thunderclasts, Yushah is about thirty feet tall and has red eyes.[4][5] She can understand commands from Odium or the Fused,[2] but does not appear to be able to speak or otherwise communicate.


Thunderclasts are a variant of spren[5] that have existed since the Desolations[6] and cannot usually be killed,[7] so Yushah's age is unknown.

She and Kai-garnis are the thunderclasts awakened in the midst of the singer army before the Battle of Thaylen Field, near the bay adjacent to the city. The spirits of the thunderclasts sank into the stone of the ground, animating it; Kai-garnis emerged into the Physical Realm first and was tasked with destroying the wall of Thaylen City and attacking the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve.[3] Dalinar Kholin knew Yushah had manifested a short time later, hearing the loud cracks of stone as her body took shape.[3] Yushah headed east across the battlefield, meeting Kai-garnis when she returned with the King's Drop; Odium assigned Yushah to help guard it.[2] Yushah stayed near the rear of Odium's army while Kai-garnis moved back into the city to attack the Oathgate.[2]

After Dalinar realized the importance of the King's Drop, he sent Lift to retrieve it. Lift pursued the Fused that was carrying the gemstone, but came too close to Yushah, who was smashing the ground attempting to crush Lift despite inadvertently killing nearby allies.[2] Yushah eventually landed a blow on Lift, severely injuring her, and moved to kill her. However, Szeth appeared wielding an unsheathed Nightblood, cleaving Yushah in two and subsequently vaporizing her body.[2]

Nightblood is known to consume Investiture and destroy in all three Realms,[8] and Yushah is permanently dead.[7] Yushah's death is not something Odium would have anticipated, and will have ramifications in the future.[7]


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