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Species Thunderclast
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Kai-garnis is a thunderclast that was involved in the Battle of Thaylen Field.

She awakened from the bay in the midst of the singer army before the battle by sinking into the stone and becoming it, before ripping herself out of the ground.[1] Odium later complimented her on the destruction of part of the outer wall and tasked her with taking the Oathgate if the Tisark couldn't destroy it.[2][3] Hrdalm and Adolin Kholin attacked her, and were successful in cutting off a single leg, although this did not significantly hinder Kai-garnis. When Renarin Kholin arrived, however, Kai-garnis appeared to be scared of him. Renarin convinced Adolin to stand down, as he did not have his Shardplate at the time, so Adolin lent Maya to Hrdalm; Renarin and Hrdalm then continued the attack. Kai-garnis crushed Renarin with her hands several times; Renarin was unfazed by these attacks, healing almost instantly with the surge of Regrowth, and was able to land a serious blow each time he was hit. Renarin and Hrdalm managed to cut off Kai-garnis' legs and arms. Once she was immobilized, Renarin approached her head and drew in a large amount of Stormlight, which caused Kai-garnis to flee from the stone.[4]


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