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Order of Willshapers

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Order of Willshapers
Willshapers glyph.svg
Herald Kalak
Spren Lightspren
Surges Transportation & Cohesion
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Order of Willshapers was an order of the Knights Radiant on Roshar. They formed Nahel bonds with Lightspren, also known as Reachers.[1]

The Willshapers were Surgebinders who used the Surges of Transportation and Cohesion.


Little is currently known about the Willshapers. They were said to be varied in personality, but generally possessing a "love of adventure, novelty, or oddity." Willshapers are mentioned as being capricious, frustrating and unreliable.

The Willshapers would "probably be ok" with Adolin killing Sadeas.[2]

Willshapers were also mentioned as one of the orders (with the Order of Elsecallers and Order of Lightweavers) who had an affinity to the "far realm of spren." (Shadesmar)

Known Willshapers[edit]

Ideals of the Willshapers[edit]

The Ideals of the Knights Radiant, also known as the Immortal Words, are a set of rules by which the Knights Radiant lived. The First Ideal, identical for all orders of the Knights Radiant, is used as their motto. Each order of the Knights Radiant had additional four ideals that were unique to each order. Those of the Willshapers are as of yet unknown.

The First Ideal[edit]

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination

—  The First Ideal of the Knights Radiant[3]


The Willshapers use the Surges of Transportation and Cohesion.

Transportation allows the surgebinder to transport oneself into or out of Shadesmar in the flesh. The full extent of this ability is not yet known.

Their exact Powers are so far unknown.


And now, if there was an uncut gem among the Radiance, it was the Willshapers; for though enterprising, they were erratic, and Invia wrote of them, 'capricious, frustrating, unreliable,' as taking it for granted that others would agree; this may have been an intolerant view, as often Invia expressed, for this order was said to be most varied, inconsistent in temperament save for a general love of adventure, novelty, or oddity.

—  Words of Radiance, chapter 7, page 1[4]


  • The Willshapers were one of the first Orders Brandon developed while building magic systems.[5]


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