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World Roshar
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Dysian Aimians (who call themselves the Sleepless[1])

They can do even more extreme modifications than the Siah Aimians, because their body is made up of many cremling-like creatures called hordelings that they breed to perform whatever function that they need. These hordelings can separate from the main body to act as remote agents and can also be used as backup minds to store memories.[2] At least one Dysian Amian may have fought in the Aharietiam, as Dalinar Kholin notices a heap of burned, strange cremlings.[citation needed] For which side they may have fought, or if this part of the vision depicts the remains of a Sleepless, is, however, unknown at this time.

Hoid delivers a monologue to a hordeling while waiting for Jasnah to Elsecall after her time in Shadesmar.[3][4] In Kholinar, Kaladin notices a strange cremling on the table, during a storm; it is very possible for it to have been a remote agent of the Dysians.[5] Lift met a Sleepless named Arclo in Yeddaw on the evening of the Everstorm's arrival.[2] A Sleepless posing as a cook traveled with an expedition to Aimia, where she poisoned the entire crew prior to landfall before killing Kaza in person. The Sleepless appear to be guarding Aimia or Akinah and certain secrets contained there.[6]

The Sleepless are immortal.[citation needed]


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