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Wandersail (1174 ship)

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Wandersail (1174 ship)
Wandersail (1174 ship).jpg
by Casta
Type Ship
Captain Vstim
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Wandersail is a large, three-masted frigate on Roshar. Its namesake is the mythical ship captained by Derethil in the legend of the Wandersail.[1]


Vstim had the Wandersail built in the shipyards of Klna City, which sheltered the ship from the Everstorm. It was engineered with high-tech fabrials which provide greater stability during storms.[2]

During the True Desolation, Vstim gave his fleet of merchant ships to Queen Fen for the defense of Thaylenah from an imminent invasion, however he reserved the Wandersail. On the day of the Battle of Thaylen Field, Vstim offered the deed of the ship to his former pupil Rysn, along with a captain's cord and a promise to finance her first expedition. Rysn initially turned the gift down, however it is likely that she reconsidered after surviving the attack on the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve.[2]


Brandon is planning on writing a Stormlight Archive novella by the name Wandersail with Rysn as the main character.[3] It will likely pertain to this ship following the events of Oathbringer.


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