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Siblings Drlwan
Profession Soldier
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Kstled is a Thaylen soldier, man-at-arms of the Wandersail, and brother to Captain Drlwan. He leads the soldiers aboard the ship.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kstled is a Vorin man but still belives in old Thaylen traditions. He is likely to attribute bad incidents to omens and Passions. This causes conflict with Rysn and Drlwan who disapprove of omens. [1][2][3]

Kstled is friendly with the crew and shares their concerns about the journey.[2] He argues with Rysn about omens and whether they are bad or not. Rysn is often able to convince him to see the good side of the bad events.[1][2][3] Eventually he begins to trust Rysn and begins calling her Rebsk which demostrates his trust in her. Rysn trusts Kstled enough to make him part of her plan to find the traitor on the ship.[4]


Kstled was the man-at-arms of the Wandersail during the voyage to Akinah. Before Wandersail began its journey, the ship's pet skyeel was found dead. Kstled interpreted that to be a bad omen, but is persuaded by Rysn that the presence of a Windrunner on the ship provided a counter-omen. He refused the offer to remain ashore after this incident. He also suggested Cord as the replacement for the cook who left.[1]

When Cord discovered that all the grain aboard the ship has been infested by worms, Kstled interpreted that as omen that the grain had been cursed by Passions through Dark Soulcasting.[2] The Crew later discovered a floating corpse of Santhid which he also considered to be a bad omen. He argued with Rysn about whether touching the Santhid was a good thing or not.[3]

Kstled was a part of Rysn's plan to find the traitor on the ship. Rysn asked him to search Cord's room for poison which he did not find. When Nikli was confronted as the traitor aboard the ship, Kstled was the one to subdue him.[4]

Upon reaching Akinah, Kstled led a contingent of soldiers ashore to secure the beach.[5] When he finds gemhearts on the beach, he is concerned that they may be cursed.[6]

When Lopen and Huio fight against a large hordeling, Kstled leads the retreat of the crew.[7]


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